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Evil Twin Skippy


Band Alternative Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"Spank you Sexy Girl" Steaming On Myspace single sold in hastings music

Wasted Streaming On Myspace, number one music, the Fuzz

Alter Ego Album Soon to Be released in 2008


Feeling a bit camera shy


Long, long ago in the year 2005 there was 2 young cousins who lived afar they traveled from the distant lands of San Diego California the land of freaks and spoiled 16 year old rich girl birthday reality shows. Together they joined forces with a dark secret unknown to all mankind soon to be unleashed into the metaphorical musical disaster of Evil Twin Skippy. Not many knew that Shaun Pritchard (guitarist) and Brian Noone (drummer) would soon discover that there was another side waiting to be awaking from the depths of no ware hell Joplin Missouri. It was in this year of 2005 the cousins sought out to form the greatest rock band know to man and beast it was then that a revelation they came to see after buying instruments from the local pawn Shop. They Played and Many listened but it seemed they were missing something retched and foul to there demise, Witch who came to be (Dirty Dan Wallace (vocals), Seth Darrow (Bassist), and Brandon Snuff and Puff (sound Guy extraordinary) the fate they formed that was emerged from the mass energy of the world and had brought them together. It was a deathly cold day when the two stumbled upon “Dirty Dan” skinning live tree rodents to stay warm and singing into the trees to lour them down for the kill. It was at a “day job’ that the Shaun had meet the one called Seth Darrow and showed him the powers within after a long night of consuming mass quantities of Beer and Captain Morgan. It was then they were thought to be complete but they were not. They had scouted the lands for another guitar player one that would drive like a nail into wet vagina but it just didn’t work out, so they fired him. But intern they had scouted an old friend who became there manger who helped them unleash Evil Twin Skippy to over 136 shows at local and national venues, festivals and other places of sexual tendencies and corruption. After this they came to find that there became some difficulties with some of the members powers fading away making the band struggle because of bitter turmoil an disagreements it was in The City of Tulsa the band though to end, do to the fact that the bassist (Seth Darrow) never showed up to the gig as the band set up on stage. It ended in a viscous disaster and the old friend was never seen again after he deleted the Evil Twin Skippy’s Myspace with over 10,000 friends and ads( witch we are now rebuilding). Though this disease was eating at them they still ventured on to unleash the Evil Twin Skippy opening up for touring bands from the land of New York And Texas California and Florida and many other nations of America were they had the opportunity to meet bands such as Adema, and Drowning pool. So intern to the year of 2006 the Band from witch I speak came to form an under ground venue do to lack of scum holes to play in. It was then formed the Local Chaos In Joplin Missouri it lasted but about 365 moons being a hub for national and touring bands to play and giving Evil Twin Skippy the opportunity to play shows in front of hundreds of crowds 2 to 4 times a week while also venturing to the outer world to play over 189 shows that year. It was soon after the fall the mighty empire of the Local Chaos That the band Sought out to redo there sound and record an album. But during a hellish cold night at a local pub after performing an awesomely expected show the band ran into a little problem… they got robbed of all there equipment. It was soon after the year 2007 the band had looked to the gods of good will to exposed the ancient secret of “insurance” to regain the bands lost battle armor and equipment. It is now 2008 that the band has played 32 shows and moves forward to rock all that oppose and strike fear into the week minded as the ones I speak of have become stronger and mightier than ever with there own Studio and new sound unlike any forging there will to unleash Evil twin Skippy once and For All.