Evil Uncle

Evil Uncle


Evil uncle is a one man band supported by his self and a laptop called Dell. Songs about anything and nothing. Toe tapping, head bobbing, refreshing and original.


Simply put - Evil Uncle is fucking great. His music smells like The Kinks and absynth. In 1999 He was involved in a terrible accident. He subsequently picked up the guitar during a period of residence in a French psychiatric facility. He believes that He is not alive. He believes He exists purely through music. He believes He may be quite mad and He believes He doesn't care. He has no faith in mankind. He has nothing tangible. He has music. Bloody good music. He is an intangible.

Sometimes Evil Uncle plays with his backing band The Intangibles and sometimes He does not. Sometimes He plays with a laptop called Dell and sometimes He does not. Sometimes He plays with Himself and sometimes He does not.

Hear Him to believe Him. Believe in Him to hear Him. He is good. He is loud. He is alive. He is Evil Uncle.

Set List

Typical set 40 minutes to 1 hour. No covers. Rock songs, pop songs, sad songs, happy songs, good songs better songs, great songs.