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Four piece alternative rock/rap hybrid reminiscent of 311, RHCP, Zebrahead and musically, Living Colour. A house-party vibe that brings people to their feet while retaining technicality and original composition, E.V.O makes music fun, positive and personal with a memorable live show!


E.V.O formed in Johnson City, Tennessee in late winter 2004 at East Tennessee State University. Drummer David Ramey and bassist Patrick Loven of popular Kingsport reggae/punk band NSTC began jamming with Jason Holsinger, an excellent guitarist from Richmond, Virginia. They were united by their love for upbeat, funky alternative music, whether it was rap-rock bands like 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or R.A.T.M., punk legends like Rancid, Green Day, the Clash and Sublime, or reggae heroes Toots and the Maytals and Desmond Dekker. They meshed perfectly, creating an ethereal combination of heavy guitar riffs, funky bass lines and reggae and hip-hop beats. The band decided to incorporate yet another element into their already eclectic sound when they added Luke Brogden, an occasional guest emcee and friend of NSTC. Now with harmonizing vocals and a unique style of rap, the mix was a perfect complement to the guys’ creatively technical instrumentation. E.V.O had become a brilliant orchestration of sound with the ability to create music that continues to defy the boundaries of any genre or label defined by music today. E.V.O had transformed their melting pot of styles into a masterful combination of alternative rock, hip hop, reggae, funk and even a hint of dancehall drawing comparisons to anything from Living Colour to 311.
E.V.O instantly penetrated the local scene as “Merchant of Style” playing venues and various house parties all over northeast Tennessee. E.V.O has shared the stage with many artists including Amber Pacific (Hopeless Records www.amberpacific.com), New York rapper J-Zone (Fat Beats/Old Maid Ent www.zonesite.net), D.C. based Running With Scissors (www.runningwithscissors.com) and many more. E.V.O also earned their first radio and press coverage in the University of Tennessee’s The Daily Beacon and airtime on 90.3 WUTK-FM. In the summer of 2005 the band recorded their first EP, “So Much Color,” with ex-Pedestrians bassist Tony Rominger at his Note-Orious Sound studio in Elizabethton, TN. Immediately following its completion E.V.O hit the road, traveling to Richmond, VA for shows at Wonderland with RVA Records founders Channel 43 ( ww.c43rocks.com ) and Alley Katz with Running with Scissors. On July 30, 2005 E.V.O celebrated the release of “So Much Color” by playing a packed show at one of Johnson City’s hottest music venues, The Sophisticated Otter, which plays host to many of the region’s best local talent along with countless national acts. July 30th proved to be a hit success for E.V.O while earning praise from the venue’s owner for drawing “the best crowd of any Saturday night all summer.” The release of “So Much Color” has landed the band airplay on WUTK 90.3 The Rock and WMTS 88.3 with their track “Tricky Backwards Head” now in rotation and receiving frequent requests. Through solid perseverance, E.V.O also landed the opening spot for the band Long Beach Shortbus (Skunk Records www.skunk.com ) featuring long time heroes Eric Wilson (Sublime) and Ras One (Long Beach Dub All-stars) at Knoxville’s premier music venue Blue Cats. With a solid fan base in the Tri-Cities and Knoxville, E.V.O has also witnessed growing internet popularity nationwide on MySpace and PureVolume. The band guarantees a solid draw and satisfied listeners, continuing to win people over one at a time with their unique sound and positive message.


So Much Color

Written By: Luke Brogden

I’m trying to tell you
I’m trying to tell you
I’m trying to tell you
Can you listen?

Transmitter beams will transmit
And lovers’ screams will emit
And secrets you will forget
If you’re not careful


I think you know
The secrets of prose
Unlocked gardens
Hearts that harden

I know the moon knows
Which way the tide goes
And so I beckon you
Out to sea with me


I hear an echo
I hear an echo
I hear an echo
Is your mind blown?

Birds flying free will still be
When all who remains is me
Do you know eternity?
You’d better listen


So much color
So much color
So much color
So much color


There is still time
There is still time
There is still time
Go out and grab it

Time has no watch to keep time
It works better if you mime
In every land and clime
There’s so much color



Tricky Backwards Head

Written By: Luke Brogden


Paranoiac lights are flashing
I’s and T’s are dot and dashing
He stole the show while we were entangled
Looks behind always, never star-spangled
Things he did and they came through
While we saw the color blue
No trust, except from us
Blind eyes going under the wool


He’s a tricky backwards head
He’ll still look back after he’s dead
Working on eternal scheme
His smoothness is his coffee cream


Never learned his lesson then
Where you think he’s gone he’s been
He’s done it all, with his back to the wall
The one who subtly initiates the brawl
He’s always on call, backstabs looking at his back
Watch him pull another trick from his sack, well
He’s good but, he’s sad and
Asking for an all expense-paid trip to the rack



Looks like he won arguments right
Well someone goes to bed empty tonight
Come out on top, then emotions feel broke
You can have the whole world in your palms and then choke
Confusion flies through unseen rooms
Cosmic eyes and jealous grooms
Selfish brides lie in their tombs
While the tricky lick salt from out their wounds


Past The Point...

Written By: Luke Brogden


If you think you’re the only one
Then you’re about to get done
Up good and get the shaft like you should
I tell you sir, hate is no good! (x3)


People ask me what I bring to the table
I’m not faux paus, I bring good looks like Clark Gable
Or Clark Kent, baby call me Superman
I’m flying through the air with both my hands
But I don’t assume might because I’m white
That’s so wrong and it’s trite
It’s just so out of fashion to feel negative passion
Towards another, who’s a brother, if you do that you’re a bastard


How long…must we fight?
To show them…it’s not right?
We can’t let them…repress all the love
Because we’re past the point…of just because



Phone your local racist, tell him what’s up
We’re not gonna take his shit anymore
And that goes for sexists, too
Me and my girls will beat you up till you’re black and blue
No, that’s not true because we don’t fistfight
Who needs violence when you’ve got a sharp mind?
And besides, it’s sad, that you don’t know that you’re bad
And you’re missing out on all the dope friends that I have




In the summer of 2005 E.V.O recorded their first EP "So Much Color" with ex-Pedestrians bassist Tony Rominger. The band has sold copy after copy at live shows and through their websites while also landing airplay with "Tricky Backwards Head" in Knoxville, TN and Murfreesboro, TN.

Set List

Original material.....

1. Tricky Backwards Head
2. F.N.P.L.
3. So Much Color
4. This Time
5. To The Cynics
6. Past The Point Of Just Because
7. Come Around Slow
8. Every Little Thing
9. Look To The Stars
10. The Long Run
12. Funky Gentleman

Cover material.....

1. Down ~ 311
2. Badfish ~ Sublime
3. Bombtrack ~ Rage Against The Machine
4. Don't Tread On Me ~ 311
5. Rescue Me ~ Zebrahead
6. Suck My Kiss ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Sugar We're Going Down ~ Fall Out Boy
8. 40oz. To Freedom ~ Sublime
9. Walking Contradiction ~ Green Day
10. Ruby Soho ~ Rancid
11. Ring of Fire ~ Johnny Cash
12. What I Got ~ Sublime
13. Inside Out ~ Eve 6
14. Homebrew ~ 311
15. Regulators ~ Warren G and Nate Dogg
16. Since You've Been Gone ~ Kelly Clarkson
17. All That's Left ~ Thrice

....and a few others!