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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"EVOL - Live Review"

Here’s a top tip: never book a gig on the same day as a major sporting event. As people gave their Saturday up for the footie, the city’s pubs and venues were noticeably devoid of punters, which leads to Evol’s headlining show being slightly underpopulated. This proves to be a real shame given their new line up, new sound and general new brilliance.

They’ve lost a guitarist, changed their name (formerly known as Transfer Audio) and have taken on what seems a new attitude. The drummer’s new, too, and with him comes a formidable source of power. Their songs are still synthy, edgy and reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, but now sound as if someone has taken a sledge hammer and smashed them out of the eighties and into the now.

Tracks are loud, brooding and tempestuous. There are moments of At The Drive-In volume and ferocity which leave me speechless. They open with a bowed guitar casting an eerie backdrop to the night, and throughout their relentless set the energy and determination to perform, even if no one’s here, gives them an air of polished artistry.

They’ve been in the studio, they tell me, and working on perfecting their sound; it shows. With an EP out in the summer, and their next show on July 1st in Captain’s Rest, catch them before they catch you. - is this music?

"EVOL - Close EP - Review"

Evol emanate from Glasgow and came in to fruition last year, 2010. A classic 4 piece rock out-fit comprising, Leona, Jon, Mic and Jo. Although Jo dropped me a note, there wasn’t a great deal of info and sometimes it is better to just write than get hung up on who does what. I will fill in the gap at some stage, but for now I am guessing it is Leona on vocal.

There is something about Glasgow as you head in from the East and South that just tells you that this is a City full of genuine soulful (as in exposing their soul) musicians, but they tend to be hidden away in the cityscape. Occasionally they escape to the hinterlands and it is always a pleasure. Evol fulfill every expectation and more.
They take the listener on a switch back-ride between melodic angst through to full throttle speaker breaking anger handling the moods with sympathy and generating the need to hear more, like the red eye’d demon in Possilpark.
Latest tracks by Evol Glasgow
Vocally, I am reminded of Siouxsie’s primal voice piercing out over a consternation of instrumental power. The strength of Evol lies in their ability to inject their energy intravenously in to the ears of the audience. This is a band I must see live. - Indie Bands Blog

"EVOL - Close EP - Review"

Glasgow's EVOL formed only last year and are already on their second EP. 'Close' displays a range of influences from the forbidding guitar soundscapes of Mogwai (Open) through to PJ Harvey at her most ferocious (the pulsating Tired) and a whole range of 90s alternative noise-makers, from grunge (Witchtrain borrows heavily from Hole's Plump) to epic post-rock (Close).
It would be easy to lump EVOL in with other grunge revivalists such as Yuck, but in truth they're a little more diverse and a little too dark. This EP sounds like a stepping stone on to great things to come rather than the finished article, although it's still a thoroughly enjoyable ride. The intensity of the racket they make and the powerful female vocal are signs that they may be compelling live experience too. Ones to keep an eye on. - SOUNDSXP.com


EVOL - "x By" EP - Release April 2010

EVOL - "Close" EP - Released March 2011

EVOL - "Live" LP - Recording begins March 2012



EVOL formed in 2010 in Glasgow. Influenced by post-punk, new wave, post-rock and experimental indie. With a simple setup of bass, drums, guitars, vocals and a little synth, EVOL create a loud, uncompromising sound, amalgamating the intimate rawness of "Unknown Pleasures" with the sinister intricacy of "Spiderland".