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"The trio out of the Dallas, Tx area seems to infuse a funk/rock bluesy type vibe with alternative rock influences. Their latest show at the curtain club(Dallas, Tx) was a hit with the young crowd who packed the room on a usually slow wednesday night. You can find their music online at www.myspace.com/evolenomusic. They have plans to move to Austin in the fall of 07' and record a short Ep in hopes of hitting it big on the scene in the music capital of the world." - Matt novack- Colleyvile Courier

"Big western Flavor: Demo Sweat"

Evoleno, judging from the name, could be a dual tribute to Sonic Youth and Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy. Rather they're most agreeable Caribbean-tinged rock, with songs that break up the grooves just enough with jazz and rock departures (and even a bass solo on "Play It Cool"). Guitarist Justin Tucker has a rhythmically solid style that allows for a lot of improvisation while keeping things moving. The hand percussion and laid-back backing vocals give them a nice beach-party energy. Their songs are only repetitive when that's the whole point of the song ("Couch Potato") - Western Homes

"Upcoming band Evoleno"

I had the chance to meet the up and coming band Evoleno and work with them on some fotografia. I’m pretty excited because these guys really have an awesome sound. I haven’t heard a flavor like theirs in a long time and so working with them has been an absolute pleasure. I don’t want to pigeon hole them but they have influnces from Incubus, Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam– they are just a great band. Check them out on myspace: Evoleno Here are a few from their concert at the Red Eye Fly and then some portraits. We are still working on images and have a few more shoots to complete their press photos so look for more photos in the future, but enjoy these! And be sure to check them out on M.space and if you live in the Austin area— go to one of their shows, you’ll dig it!

http://photostarphotography.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/evoleno/ - Jalys of Photostar Photography

"Featured: Evoleno"


Evoleno is a brilliant group out of Austin, Texas, with a laid back and feel-good sound. They exhibit a marked RHCP influence with a fair amount of Jack Johnson thrown in alongside some Sublime. Since making Austin their home they have found that the culture has worked its way into their music and influenced their style, and they aim to "touch souls and stir emotions" as a band. In my opinion, mission accomplished on that one. It's really great to hear the work of a group that manages to incorporate such positive energy while staying original. Guys, where can I buy a CD? - Marshall


Evoleno has 2 LPs and tracks on the most current are available for listening on our myspace page. @ www.myspace.com/evolenomusic



Born from the norm that's hard to entertain these days, Evoleno is sure to catch an ear interested in anything with a story, a funky groove and catchy one liners. Made up of a tight group who's roots started together in 2003 with Justin Tucker on lead guitar and vocals, Chase Joliet on drums and Michael Pachuilo on bass guitar. Leighton Sharpley and Poda Guthrie bring an organic feeling to the mix on hand drums and vocals and add depth to this soul filled energetic sound. Austin, Tx is home for now and the culture is definitely finding its way into the music and then being put back into the streets, with high hopes of touching souls and stirring emotions. A second album is in the works while the band still continues to record demos and projects in Austin. Most recently out of Arlyn Studios, a local vintage spot that produced many top albums in the past from artists like Sublime, The Butthole Surfers and Willie Nelson. Influences are a mix of anything and everything from funk rock, reggae, soul, r&b, Jam, Alternative to psychedelic rock. Influences are anything and everything in this crazy world.