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The best kept secret in music


"Sixers Reviews"

Evolotto’s second long playing CD “6ixers” does more than just reinterpret the heavy metal of the ‘90s that most bands in the genre keep churning out—it alloys the simple mosh metal of Helmet with the complicated rhythms of progressive rock and the acrid humor of punk rock into a newer metal yet to be heard. . . .

. . .The instrumentation is the highlight on this record, as all players in this band R-O-C-K with reckless abandon (as a side note, I remember these guys being a really awesome live show, as they really get into the music and let it rip!). I really like "Shine On..." the album's second track. . . .

. . .not the gentlemen kind sets off a violent, rocking egress from the disc and shows what evolotto is capable of. d-7, a greg sage and the wipers cover, rocks out with punk energy to spare, while the instrumental yellow no. piss follows it up with a groove that doesn't want to stop. The closer, smokeover is excellent, with a cool vocal melody and great lyrics. still, i think my favorite track is wasted. this song gets my vote as the best sin klub song i've ever heard. this is a serious rocker, and i thank evolotto kindly. while listening, i was drawing some vocal comparisons to the mighty coinmonster at times, and that is a compliment. . . .

- various

"Smile EP Reviews"

Evolotto is the first band I got to listen a few years ago when initially being introduced to this Toledo-based label and impressed with pretty quickly as most of the stuff I get from Sin Klub as they are a selective label but all the bands they have are of high quality musicmanship no matter what type of genre they are.

Evolotto is somewhat a mud-soaked Stoner Rock with groove within the confines of bands like Kyuss, Melvins, Windigo and World In Pain and have been an easy addition to my small pile off to the side that I listen to frequently. "Smile" introduces ex-Valve vocalist Matt Meyers to the fold and believe me it still makes Evolotto's music just as intense and satisfying (no slam against the old singer; it's like nothing has really changed). This EP is all about the word heavy and that sort of enjoyment you would only find if you understand this genre of music or just like heavy music in general. Recommended and it won't disappoint.

I was wondering when Toledo’s Evolotto was going to get around to releasing another album. It’s an EP (Smile) this time around, but I’ll take it! I loved 2002’s 6ixers, an album of “semi-technical, punk-inflected metal” with “jagged riffs” and “bashing rhythms” (hey, why reinvent the wheel here?). Smiles sees the band retaining the go-fuck-yourself vibe of 6ixers and comes at your with a considerably more straightforward approach, musically speaking. The acidic punk vibe is omnipresent and the musical approach is still abrasive. A song like “Con” has a heavyass sludgy/doomy riff that surprised at first, but works well. It’s one of a few tracks reminiscent of the feel and colors of Hum and Jawbox, at least in parts.
The title track is Evolotto to the bone, a snotty, rip snortin’ Detroit/Chicago/Cleveland style punkish rocker. Given that there are only five tracks on the EP, I was a little surprised that the trio chose to re-record “Shine on you Crazy Starfucker,” even though it sounds freakin’ great (and it’s a great tune). And by the way, that killer sound is a vast improvement from 6ixers, thanks to the production work of Randy Wilson (Nitzer Ebb, Puerto Muerto, The PB Army). Finally, new vocalist Matt Meyers (ex-Valve) does a fine job, his style not all that different from what was heard on 6ixers. The only aspect of his singing that felt different is the bewildered crooning he does on “The Nebbish King,” sort of a mockery of emo, that is until he lays into that tried and true manic Evolotto harshness again. . . .
~Scott Alisoglu, www.live4metal.com

Take one part Rollins Band, Two Parts Stone Temple Pilots, add copious amounts of alcohol, shake vigorously, and serve at room temperature in a garage. If you can imagine that scenario, then you’ll have something that sounds somewhat like Evolotto. Is it hardcore, is it grunge, alternative metal or something else entirely? After repeated listens, I’m still scratching my head on this one. A distinct sound to be sure, Smile seems to be an experiment in sound, producing an interesting vibe, which is part angst, part fun.... kind of like a rowdy night out at a bar. Smile has a rough sound quality which at first seems detrimental, but in fact works with the bands sound. It's raw, energetic, indie-garage band sound which makes up for what it lacks in technical mastery with pure enthusiasm. I’m betting these guys put on one heck of a live show . . . .
~Farron Watson, www.thegreatnothing.com

It's almost as if stoner rock, punk, old school hardcore and modern rock interbred and managed to create a new species that didn't exactly sound like any of them but maybe made you wonder if they were loitering around the family tree. Evolotto's sound is noisy and bombastic, hard-ass rock and roll, totally in your face fuck-you attitude. So there you go. Check it out.
~Upchuck Undergrind, www.fishcomcollective.net
- various

"1776 reviews"

Man, every time I think I've heard the best CD, another comes along that tops it. Evolotto is a solid hardcore disc, though it's not very hardcore, mixing it up a little here and there. Nearly every song starts off with a really cool, really heavy bass line and you think they're going to plow into sheer destruction every song. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but every song has a hook. It's different from the standard hardcore.

A dark carnival Evolotto's 1776 is, but not the hokey, ICP-ish variety the rustbelt is commonly know for (the trio hails from Toledo, Ohio). Truly a twisted, inexplicable debut, 1776 is a mish-mashed amalgam of Voivoid-ian cyber-metal, Meshuggah mathematics, Hammerhead's fuzz-bass mental vortex, and Helmeted urban-groove. And you know what? It actually works, however discomfiting it may be. Like a patchwork quilt knit by a serial killer, Evolotto's aesthetic charts all sorts of damaged-synapse descents into the unknown, from bristling stutter-funk to bare-knuckled barrages of chugga-chugga skronk to effects-aided slashes of wounded melody to even uncomfortably calm explorations of submerged textures; really, the sum effect is something not unlike System of a Down on even-worse drugs. Adventurous minds only need apply.
~Nathan T. Birk, www.ink19.com

- various


Smile (2005) EP - Sin Klub Entertainment

Sixers (2002) - Sin Klub Entertainment

1776 (2001) - Sin Klub Entertainment


Feeling a bit camera shy


Evolotto is a musical experience filtered through 72 collective years of growing up in the last decades of the 20th century. Chris Sobb and Ben Bomlitz experienced the pain and misfortune of being teenagers together. Sobb and Bomlitz wrote songs together to soften the blows of youth. Evolotto currently has recorded two full-length albums, 1776 and Sixers, and has just released their new release, a five song EP entitled Smile. All three releases are available on the Sin Klub Entertainment record label.

Sobb, Bomlitz, and new bassist Matt Meyers, collectively known as Evolotto, are looking to play more extensively and build a fan base that is more national in scope. While playing the region is great, you can only sell the same people the same discs so many times. Evolotto looks forward to making their fan base grow with the touring being done behind Smile. Having never met a crowd they didn’t turn into fans by the end of the night, Evolotto relish the thought of playing to new potential fans.

Critics have compared Evolotto to Clutch, System of a Down, Tool, and other smart modern music. I believe Evolotto stands apart due to the altered musical and cultural experiences of the region. As of today, Evolotto has shared stages with many national acts, has experienced regional radio success, and is looking forward to their first national exposure through the Discovery Channel. The Evolotto song “Icyclical” is to be featured on an episode of the Urban Explorers series entitled “Denver” that aired in early July of 2005.

Evolotto plans to continue to spread their music across the US and beyond when possible. With great support from Sin Klub Entertainment, great songs, and a great live show, I believe that their goals are within their reach. Hop on, this is going to be one great ride.

-Justin Martin, The Big Tomato

for bookings, contact The Big Tomato: thebigtomato@justinmartin.com; 614/288.9068