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Evolucid in an eclectic interpretation of many different styles of music and schools of thought. Their music is a tasteful blend of rock, jazz, funk and hip hop. Energetic progressive metal riffs will electrify your soul as philisophical ryhmes and soothing jazz under-currents will sweep you away.


Evolucid is currently touring the United States with filmmaker Daniel Naman, as he shoots a documentary on the band. Follow the action at theroadismine@tumblr.com


Evolucids' debut album 'Kundalini' is the cohesive efforts of how each artist grew in their chaotic time apart. It is a soundtrack to the lives and times that this ever changing world has given them. It has been described as a "warm craze", and given what the band was going through at the time, it seems very fitting. 'Kundalini' is the introduction to something genuine and new, an awakening. It's a statement that cannot be crammed into any one category and refuses to lie stagnant in old routines. Whether it's musical structure or evolutionary lyrics, every track consensually takes your ears virginity.

Set List

1) The Intro
2) Golden Lady (Stevie Wonder) (cover)
3) Here
4) The Horizen
5) Friday
6) DR
7) Ghost Notes
8) Weight Of Vapor
9) Remember the Time (Michael Jackson) (cover)
10) In Tow
11) Chronslaught
12) Joseph

1) Tiberious
2) Seeds Of Apathy
3) Fourteen Birds
4) Soapscum
5) Taproot Observe
6) Star of the Story (Heatwave) (cover)
7) Five Nights
8) Smooth (Blackalicious/Herbie Hancock) (cover)
9) Undiscovered Self
10) Zookeeper
11) Cissy Strut (The Meters) (cover)
12) Fortunate Being
13) Guided Light
14) Over And Out

Each of these two sets are an hour long. We only do very few select covers which are entered in the set list.