Evolution of The Groove
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Evolution of The Groove

Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Richmond, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band R&B Funk




"Evolution of the Groove – Miracle"

Bound and determined to make 2018 the year Evolution of the Groove receive international notoriety, their first single “Miracle” delivers a broad, eclectic sampling of the musical fusion these seasoned players bring to the table. Mixing elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Gospel, and Rhythm and Blues, Evolution of the Groove are able to assert a musical independence regardless of genre. “Miracle” opens with a rock-based, power chord riff which sets the tempo with a vivace pace, marrying guitars and bass to lay down that essential opening groove. This groove will be taken to new levels as the horn section complements the main theme, and explores the many facets which make up Evolution of the Groove. “Miracle” becoming the highlight piece to an already solid repertoire of songs available from Evolution of the Groove.
Vocalist, Jaylin Brown introduces us to the rich soulful feel of Evolution of the Groove, with her majestic full range vocals. The vocals are counterbalanced by Chris Sclafani as he takes over leads offering a dynamic that appeals to both end of the frequency spectrum. “Waiting every day for a miracle, to sweep me away”, this overall theme offers a spiritual element creating a tension for which the song is centered on, only to be released by the celestial signing of this vocal harmonies. By blending this baritone, with the alto during the vocal harmonies we have a nine-piece band which now sounds like a full orchestra in our headspace. This piece showcases a large ensemble’s ability to synthesize many thematic dynamics creating a mature, professional sound worthy of large concert halls, or stadiums. Adult contemporary radio stations should be quick to add “Miracle” to their playlist as the replay factor lends to the marketability of Evolution of the Groove. This highly enjoyable song will pave the way for a successful 2108 campaign with great things in store for this band of minstrels. - Evolution Music Press, Red Sweeny

"SINGLE REVIEW: Miracle by Evolution of The Groove"

Evolution of The Groove are a nine-piece fusion band founded in 2010 by Steven Cunningham and Chris Sclafani. The concept was to combine musicians from various musical backgrounds to create a unique sound. Their music is truly an original hybrid of funk, rock, R&B, hip hop, soul, gospel and jazz and their influences are eclectic as you would expect, from Jill Scott to The Beatles, from Erykah Badu to Hendrix and Miles Davis.

This song, Miracle, is the perfect apotheosis of their inimitable sound. Starting with a funky beat that sets the groove and a dirty, low end guitar riff that any hard rock/metal band would be proud to call their own, Jaylin Brown’s soulful vocals act as an effective contrast. The music explodes with full brass in the second section, full of punchy syncopations, and Jaylin gets to show her excellent vocal range.

The main hook of the track is on the verse: “Waiting every day for a miracle to come and sweep me away..”. Just when you think the sound can’t get any more varied, Chris Sclafani takes over on lead vocals, his understated tone acting as a nice counterpoint to Jaylin’s more expressive style. The song is about struggling with life’s troubles yet manages to be incredibly uplifting.

After the third verse the music really goes to another level, with the brass becoming more dominant, and in the space of a minute the music flips between jazz, funk and progressive rock, with fantastic guitar and keyboard solos from Andrew Rohlk and Nelson Valentine. It ends with one last blow out chorus and verse that leaves the listener on a high.

Overall, this band have achieved what many attempt but few achieve; they’ve fused all their eclectic styles into one giant melting pot and the result is a potent and original sound. Not only are the musicians and singers first rate, but Miracle shows their gift for writing inspirational and catchy music with depth to the lyrics. Everyone should get to experience Evolution of The Groove. - The Faulkner Review

"Miracle by Evolution of the Groove: Review"

The song Miracle shares its rocking sounds thanks to the dry and exquisite punch of electrical guitars, bold wind instruments and rhythmic drums. The arrangement is layered with the textured duet of strong Gospel-based female vocals paired with soulful R&B-courting male vocals. The track seems to leave aside any instrument or arrangement that might confuse the listener into thinking they are being serenaded. The musical accompaniment exudes power and defiance, refusing to be too melodic almost as if to prevent us from falling asleep on its metaphorical journey. It sounds like it was created to help the lyrics and the listener break through the metaphorically sonic obstacles into the very miracle that the title speaks of.

Judging by their name, it seems that this song embodies at least one of the band’s perspective of the sonic aspirations of the groove genre: a fusion of at least Rock, Funk, R&B and Gospel. But beyond putting together what sounds like a new wave (and age) for the groove, they bring in a new meaning to it, making it the vehicle for exorcising frustration to dig out and rekindle every flicker of hope. - 1InMusic


Still working on that hot first release.



Funk, rock, R&B, Hip-hop, soul, gospel, jazz: These are the elements that have molded and shaped the core sound, as well as, the overall experience that is Evolution of The Groove. Originally founded in 2010 by Steven Cunningham and Chris Sclafani, the band focused on combining the elements of each member’s background to create a new and unique sound that would emphasize the preservation of the ever lasting “Evolution” and “Groove” that is music, which is demonstrated by their brand new sound with everything from high energy, in-your-face jams, to soothing meaningful beats, featuring emotional lyrics as well as invigorating instrumentals.  

Media Contact Information

For Band/Booking inquiries, please contact Chris Sclafani 

Band Members

Chris Sclafani- Sax/Vocals
Steven Cunningham- Trumpet/Flugel
Nick Skinner- Trumpet
Zach Taylor- Trombone
Nelson Valentine- Keys
Andrew Rohlk- Guitar
James Joyner- Bass
C.J. Alicea- Drums
Jaylin Brown- Vocals

Band Members