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"EVOLUTION program "Tea with a Star on the channel My Wave"

http://www.dma-media.ru/evolution-v-programme-chaj-so-zvezdoj-na-kanale-moya-volna/ - DMA-Media (RU)

"Notes from the Red Sea Riviera (September - October 2009)"


On Saturday the 16th of August, Evolution, a unique live band originally from Italy, promises to bring emotions, energy and fun to the Red Sea Riviera.

Evolution means evolution of rock, a pop-rock powerful mix, music that blends with electronic sounds, a modern, gritty, original and experimental project brought to life by a live show that promises to reach into the spectators’ very core.

The concert of this four-piece band will be held in the suggestive and beautiful El Fanar, in the Ras Umm Sid area of Sharm el Sheikh. It will start at 10 pm and will last about one and half hour.

If you are in Sharm on the 16th of August and are looking for an adrenaline rush, don’t miss it!

For extra info about the location: www.elfanarsharm.com

For tickets: info@elfanarsharm.com

Tel: +2 069 366 2218

To learn more about the Evolution band: www.evolutionband.net
www.myspace.com/evolutionlive - GoRedSea.com

"Evolution Band, da Bolzano verso palchi importanti"

Evolution Band, da Bolzano verso palchi importanti
Alto Adige — 05 luglio 2008 pagina 38 sezione: SPETTACOLOCULTURA E SPETTACOLI

BOLZANO. C’è una band regionale sulla rampa di lancio di un successo che ha ambizioni addirittura innternazionali: Evolution Band, che unisce la potenza del pop-rock alla tecnologia dell’elettronica più moderna. La cantante rivana Cami Canini, trascinante frontwoman, il batterista trentino Antonio Bianchi, il chitarrista bolzanino Andrea Demasi, il tastierista marchigiano Giacomo Cagnetti, il bassista vicentino Francesco Zanetti, con l’aiuto essenziale del produttore, compositore, arrangiatore di Bressanone Wolfgang Moser, nell’estate del 2007 hanno messo su MySpace il loro cd-demo raccogliendo sorprendenti consensi oltre all’interesse della Dabliu Sound che gli fa realizzare l’album “L’apparenza”. E ora il tour: questa sera a Marsiglia, lunedì 7 luglio a Perugia, il 17 luglio a Levico, poi altre date. - ARCHIVIO ALTO ADIGE

"Evolution Press Kit - November 2009 Updated"

You can download the complete Updated Press Kit in English at this page:

http://www.evolutionband.net/Evolution_Presskit_eng.zip - Various Magazine, Newspaper, Web Portal


Dabliu Sound (Italy)
O.X.O. / BRM Records (UK)
CD's Italian distribution - March 2009
SELF Italian Distribution – [ CDWDS 034/2 ]
1) LASTING WAVES (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
2) DROP THE BOMB! (W.Moser – H.Koopman)
3) L’APPARENZA (G.Cagnetti – C.Canini)
4) COME ON! (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
5) COME UN MISSILE (G.Cagnetti – C.Canini)
6) MY OWN WAY (W.Moser)
7) RUN AND SING (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
8) LIKE MADNESS (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
9) PIOGGIA DI STELLE (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
10) GOODBYE (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
11) MUSICA (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
12) RAINY DAY (W.Moser – S.Dezfulian)
13) LAST SONG (THIS PARTY IS OVER) (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
14) bonus track - MY OWN WAY – UNPLUGGED (W.Moser)

O.X.O. / BRM Records (UK)
CD's international distribution - April 2009
International Distribution – [ UK, USA, ASIA-PACIFIC ]
1) LASTING WAVES (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
2) DROP THE BOMB! (W.Moser – H.Koopman)
3) L’APPARENZA (G.Cagnetti – C.Canini)
4) COME ON! (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
5) COME UN MISSILE (G.Cagnetti – C.Canini)
6) MY OWN WAY (W.Moser)
7) RUN AND SING (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
8) LIKE MADNESS (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
9) PIOGGIA DI STELLE (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
10) GOODBYE (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
11) MUSICA (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
12) RAINY DAY (W.Moser – S.Dezfulian)
13) LAST SONG (THIS PARTY IS OVER) (C.Canini – G.Cagnetti)
14) bonus track - MY OWN WAY – UNPLUGGED (W.Moser)

(double CD's box with 31 songs)
R.C. MUSIC Italy (Italy)
PuntoShop Television distribution - April 2009
Puntoshop S.p.A. Distribution – [ CDWDS 053/2 ]
SUMMER SOUNDTRACK is a compilation that contains all the emotions of the “never ending
summer”. A unique collection, an intriguing mix, whimsical, eclectic, miss.
The box (with an exclusive design) is a double CD containing 31 wonderful rhythmic
danceable and nostalgic tracks, which have become the soundtrack of the most beautiful summers.
This is What You Are from Mario Biondi, Love Generation (Bob Sinclair), Vivre la Vie (Kelly Joyce),
Obsesion (Aventura), Voce Me Apareceu (Kaleidoscopio), Put Your Hands Up In The Air! (Danzel)
and many other beautiful songs including LASTING WAVES (EVOLUTION) are enclosed inside the
SUMMER SOUNDTRACK: the extraordinary collection that contains the songs of the unforgettable
Italian summers!

O.X.O. / BRM Records (UK)
International distribution - May 2009
International Digital Distribution – [ iTunes, Amazon,
Rhapsody, Napster and many more ]
1) DROP THE BOMB (W.Moser – H.Koopman)

E V O L U T I O N - R E B I R T H
(single + Radio Edit version)
Weka Records (USA)
International distribution - November 2009
Internationl BELIEVE DIGITAL distro – [ iTunes, Amazon,
Napster, Nokia Music Store, etc. ]
1) REBIRTH (C.Canini)
2) REBIRTH [ Radio Edit ] (C.Canini)

EVOLUTION means the EVOLUTION OF POP-ROCK with modern electronic, refined, gritty, and
experimental sonorities, which bring all their songs to a completely different level: lyrics and sounds
which strightly and deeply reach your heart and soul.
Their debut album L’APPARENZA [renamed LASTING WAVES for the international distribution]
(recorded, arranged and produced by Mowo Music and G.Cagnetti, mastered by Rainer A. - James
Rec) opens with the pure adrenaline of Lasting Waves, recalling for a moment The Killers' sounds,
with the strong Kami boiling the blood in your veins, singing the desire to stop the devastating
environmental degradation. Engaging electronic "games" that immediately make you understand ing
the originality and the unique sound that marks EVOLUTION.
Following the disagreement on this society full of patterns, screamed loudly in the homonymous
L’Apparenza: "hey voi, che giudicate all'apparenza e non vi interessa toccare la nostra essenza" and
somehow also re-proposed in the interlude of Come On! (recorded in various foreign languages),
which sends a strong message of "courage to turn towards a better way".
The nostalgic and emotional Goodbye makes you thinking about sad memories of the childhood
friendships that have marked our lives. Cannot pass unnoticed My Own Way, where the electronic
beautifully mixes with the virtuous guitars and closes with a thrilling solo inspired by the great Europe.
This beautiful, sweet song in the acoustic version concludes the album, where a deep violin is
highlighted and accompanies the enchanting voice of Kami.
A powerful and exciting Album, for listeners who want to get swept up into a pure adrenaline rush....
which comes straigh



The POP-ROCK POWER, a touch of PUNK, blent to the latest ELECTRONIC music:
this is the unique and unmistakable sound which marks E V O L U T I O N !
After years of hundreds of live concerts as a cover band, at the beginning of 2006 in a small village
of the Northern Lake Garda (Italy) E V O L U T I O N project was born from the fraternal union
between KAMI CANINI (charismatic, involving engine of E V O L U T I O N, a Powerlady on stage
and you can not hide yourself from her voice and spirit...) and ANTONIO BIANCHI (powerful,
eclectic drummer and DJ's set specialist).
Kami was born in Riva del Garda, where she came back after various experiences abroad and
some change of residence, tired of the usual routine of years of cover band-stages (in which she
has worked since very young and that no longer had to give her emotions), she decides to express
all the feelings gathered during (but not only) her music life, giving birth to this incredibly special
and alternative project.
“ M y g r e a t e s t d e s i r e i s b e i n g a b l e to c o m m u n I c a t e t h r o u g h t h e M u s i c ,
e v e r y t h i n g t h a t n o o t h e r l a n g u a g e c a n e x p r e s s . . . ” ( Kami )

The grit, the charisma, the wild presence, the alien force, what Kami exteriorizes with her physicality
and voice when on stage, suggest that she is a - not Italian - style Artist. Insiders of the foreign music market
a slap that anticipates the desire for change.
Her audience enter into raptures, falls in love with her voice and her not definable density.
At the beginning of 2008 the first E V O L U T I O N ' s demo-CD containing 8 sketchy tracks done
just to promote their music through MySpace (where within a very short time they collected strong
consensus by thousands people from all over the world!), pure case ends up in the hands of the
Italian indie label Dabliu Sound, which remains particularly striked and proposes to the production
of their first stunning album L’APPARENZA, containing unpublished 14 tracks, published by
Baccano Edizioni.
Soon, came the release of the first official innovative 3D videoclip for the song LASTING WAVES ,
written, directed and produced by the Venezuelan Rodolfo Crisafulli for Volare Studios.
A few months after E V O L U T I O N signed a second contract with the English O.X.O./BRM
Records, which produced and distributed their first album (but changing the title in “ LASTING
E V O L U T I O N ’ s first album is a pure blend of warm melodies, sharp riffs, powerful voice
and incredible energy.

Concerts begin as early as 2008 and quickly E V O L U T I O N start to be known and very
appreciate, especially outside Italy (France, Switzerland, Africa and Russia). Successfully crowding
all the places in which they have the chance to play, shows after shows, make them earn a
solid reputation for the strong and powerful visual impact of Kami, the total involvement of her
audience and the high music quality always guaranteed during all the E V O L U T I O N ' s LIVE
SHOWS. An original Live Trio, making powerful massive and extremely professional concerts.
March 2009 saw the release of the second official videoclip for the song DROP THE BOMB!,
wholly registered between London and Brazil, written, directed and produced by NVK Productions.
November 2009: the release of the new single REBIRTH for the U.S. label WEKA Records,
with whom Kami has signed a contract for the new album - the second – assumed to be released
in the second half of the 2010). This new powerful single has the main promotional goal to create
a long series of live concerts - the E V O L U T I O N REBIRTH Tour - (starting from 2009
December 31st and ending 2010 December 31st), to bring this “Italian evolution” in concert both
in Italy, but especially in USA, South America and Australia.
If we consider the strong palpable emotions that come from their fans during the live concerts and
the very positive feedback they daily receive on their blogs, mails and websites from around the
world, it's not difficult to imagine how 2010 could be the year that will see the explosion of this
new Italian Artist which everyone will talk about : E V O L U T I O N !

E V O L U T I O N means "evolution of ROCK with modern electronic sonorities, to bring all the songs to a completely different level: lyrics and sounds which strightly and deeply reach your heart and soul..... refined, gritty, modern, experimental sonorities and LIVE SHOWS rich of EMOTIONS and PURE ADRENALIN, to let you singing, dancing... and get you deeply involved!