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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"EP Review- Evol Walks 'Our Time is Now'"

Gold Coast rockers Evol Walks have recently released their stunning second EP entitled ‘Our Time is Now’, showcasing seven new songs that the band, who are now based in LA, has penned & recorded and is a strong follow-up to their 2015 release ‘The Other Side’. Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides) and Travis Miguel & Dan Jacobs (Atreyu) have contributed with co-writing credits, as well as Melbourne’s Tim Henwood (The Superjesus, Palace of the King), who has co-written the latest single release ‘The Fire’.

The EP kicks off with the dynamic ‘Give It To Me’ with its crunching riffs and catchy rock n roll rhythm work, with vocalist Leah Martin-Brown easing us into the wonderful collection of songs that follow. Slide guitars open the next track, ‘The Fire’ which is one of the highlights of this release for me, with its sing-a-long chorus (a crowd pleaser for sure) and certainly one you would expect to get plenty of airplay worldwide. ‘Burning in Silence’ is another track that immediately entraps you with its likable drum beat & bass line and is a song that again highlights Leah’s vocal strengths.

‘Destination Nowhere’ & the title track ‘Our Time is Now’ would be at home being sung on any arena stage around the world, as they again highlight the bands strengths to produce catchy riff-laden rock that will please fans both old & new. ‘Up All Night’ & ‘Surrender’ close the EP and with the bands influences ranging from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, Stone Sour & Monster Magnet, there really is nothing not to like about this release. Hopefully the collection of songs here will get the well-deserved attention & airplay that they deserve.

Produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Sylar, Slaves, Motionless in White) and featuring killer guitar work from Kevin Thrasher (Escape The Fate), ‘Our Time Is Now’ is full of energy and quite simply, rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. Evol Walks are Leah Martin-Brown (vocals), Dre DiMura (guitar), Logan Nikolic (guitar), Eliot Lorango (bass) & Jimmy Lee (drums). - The Rockpit

"The Best Upcoming Aussie Acts Right Now"

Aussie hard rock act Evol Walks are a fairly new force on the music scene forming in 2014 but already making a name for themselves as a band to watch. Their modern take on the classic rock and roll sound developed by their idols like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin put them in good stead for the future. - Triple M

"Evol Walks New Single 'Without Me' is Everything Post-Break up"

Australian band, Evol Walks just released the music video for their first single of the year, ” Without Me.”

Looks like Evol Walks is starting their year off with a bang. The group also has gigs planned in L.A. throughout February 2016.

Their fourth and newest single “Without Me,” is a throw back to the 90s rock ballad. The song’s post break-up lyrics are uniquely decided. This girl knows what she wants — and it definitely isn’t that guy. She’s moved on and hopes that he will do the same and her raw vocals perfectly complement her strength and resolve.

All you post break-up happily single chicks, this song is for you. - One Avenue TV

"Single of the Day"

Having already achieved their international breakthrough with single Heartbreakin’ Woman receiving tastemaker support and additions to global radio playlists, Evol Walks could go mainstream with Buzzed. Taken from the band’s upcoming EP and produced by Brian Howes (Airbourne, Simple Plan, Daughtry) in LA, Buzzed comes at you in spurts of unapologetic raw epics. It’s Monster Magnet at their most accessible, Stone Sour before the first breakup – it’s nuanced and decisive. No wonder the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and Everclear have invited them to share their stages. - The Music Network

"Crackin' The Walls w. Evol Walks"

"... After a short break I see a bright- flame topped red headed front woman setting up her mic, and the other four members squeezing onto the small stage and after a short introduction, bang! The energy is released into the crowd, opening with Heartbreakin' Woman, a good hard song and a great show opener...
The band continued their set rocking the stage so hard that the drummer worked the house kit's floor tom off the stage but never missed a beat. The bouncing bass-man was just awesome...
At times Leah and the band were getting down into the crowd and making close contact with the audience, who were a little surprised at first seeing a band who were so willing to connect with them up close. Their performance was so natural and Leah's powerful vocal ability rocked out nicely with strength and agility. - MouthZOff Magazine

"Track Review- Heartbreakin' Woman"

For today’s post, I have a review for a song that was recently sent to me. The band is called Evol Walks, and hails from Australia, yet is now based in Hollywood. The band is a four-piece hard rock act, and is made up of guitarist CJ, bassist Ian, the renowned drummer Andreas and least but not least, frontwoman Leah. “Heartbreakin’ Woman” is the group’s debut single, which also has a video that can be found below.
The first thing that came to mind as I initially heard the track was how it almost sounded like classic AC/DC meets early Van Halen. Evol Walks may not quite reach the heights that these bands reached, but it does capture in essence what these bands were about; catchy guitar riffs drive the song, while the lyrics coat the song sleaze and attitude. But it’s a different kind of sleaze and attitude, as the song remains the same with easy sex remaining a common theme, but here it is told from the female perspective.
Some of the wow-oh-oh-oh’s in the chorus along with all the rhymes in the lyrics give the song a slightly popy feel, however the grit and power Leah sings with overshadows these factors, keeping the song in badass territory.
“Heartbreakin’ Woman” is a fast, heavy and infectiously catchy song that makes for a strong first impression for the band. The video is definitely a cool throwback to many classic rock music videos, as it starts with some shots of the band showing up for a gig, then the band playing the song alone in a room, which I like. The only thing missing was a smashed guitar at the end.
The song itself can be found on iTunes, as well as most other digital retailers’ websites for 99 cents. As mentioned before, Evol walks also has an EP on the way as well as a full-length later down the road. If you are a fan of AC/DC, the Runaways, or just old-school classic rock, and want a new band to listen to, Evol Walks may be for you. I enjoyed “Heartbreakin’ Woman” and would definitely check out following releases from this band. - The Rock n Metal Blog

"BANG ON: Deliver Killer Every Time"

was recently at an Evol Walks gig when I was reminded of a fundamental characteristic of successful musicians the world over – be there 2, 20 or 200,000 people in the audience, creating a mind-blowing experience is critical to raising your profile and building your music business.

On 15 October, at Brisbane’s New Globe Theatre, Evol Walks did just that. Merely weeks before, these emerging Aussie rockers played to 200,000 people at Poland’s Woodstock Festival! Can you imagine the buzz? Fast forward to the New Globe, there were 50 punters, at the most.

That, as you can imagine, is quite a different vibe to perform in and presents one of the biggest challenges facing emerging artists day in, day out – how do you deliver a killer performance despite the energy (or lack thereof) in the room?

What made this clear to me, was a direct comparison to another band I saw the previous night. Now I won’t name this band, as I’m not about bagging people. But there is a point to me made. A lesson learned, if you will. I was very excited to see this band for the first time. I had heard great things and they’ve played a few high profile shows this year.

While I enjoyed the tunes, the performance was lacklustre. Of course, there could be many reasons for this – illness, fatigue etc. But the important thing is how it made me feel. As a potential fan, a music lover, I felt disconnected. Like I wasn’t worth the band’s effort to give what I imagined would be an in-your-face, energetic show if the room had been packed with people.

So I sat back and wondered if perhaps I was expecting too much.

Then Evol Walks happened.

They took the New Globe stage and… BLEW. MY. MIND.

In the interest of full disclosure, Evol Walks is a client of mine. And I couldn’t be prouder. This isn’t me opportunely promoting them. However, because of their absolutely full throttle, standout performance, they’ve created this opportunity for themselves.
It was a tough room. Fifty people, likely less. They’d just come from playing to some quarter of a million people for chrissakes! As a member of the audience that night, I wouldn’t have known the difference. They were confident, committed and connected. They brought the energy to the room, as opposed to looking to the room for energy to bounce off.

Now not only am I their publicist, I am a HUGE FAN and will do whatever I can to see a show of theirs, anywhere, anytime ‘cos I want me some more of that rock ‘n’ roll.

And that, is what delivering killer is all about. Every time. - Blank GC

"Evol Walks"

Finding themselves on the bill for the 2015 Woodstock Festival in Poland was remarkable enough, but when they saw what time they would be performing – and caught a glimpse of the size of the crowd – things were knocked up a gear. With their EP The Other Side offering a glimpse of the band’s evolving sound, and a national tour underway, there’s really no better time to get acquainted with Australia’s dark horse rock stars. “I sort of see why they call us that,” says lead singer Leah Martin-Brown. “In everything we do, I feel we’re kind of the dark horse. We’re playing classic rock’n’roll, which is a bit different these days, and we’re also female-fronted. There are a lot of female-fronted bands [but] the kind of rock we’re playing is usually male-dominated. The songs are usually about heart-breaking women, things like that. So we’re coming from this position of, ‘I’m the girl that they were singing about all those years ago.’” Martin-Brown laughs. “Also, people don’t expect it, because we’re still so young. At Woodstock, no-one knew who we were, since we were there with these huge, established bands. Even the lesser-known bands were huge in Europe, so the fact we were on the main stage with this really good timeslot, people were like, ‘Whaaat?’” By anyone’s estimation, Evol Walks’ trajectory has been the stuff of lucid dreams. They have shared the stage with Vampire Weekend and the Chili Peppers, and even supported those bastions of ’90s alt-rock, The Presidents Of The United States Of America. Consequently, they are no strangers to significant audiences. Yet at Woodstock, they found themselves faced by crowds of epic proportions. “We played in front of 200,000 people,” says Martin-Brown. “We were on at about quarter to six or something, and by the end of the night they were reporting there were over 700,000 people there. It’s funny, I walked side stage to get an idea of just how many people were there, and had a little ‘Oh my God’ moment. And on top of that, I then remembered that this whole thing was being filmed, so if I fucked this up, everyone is going to see it forever. So I was a bit nervous, but you just put on your game face, and when I walked out with the boys, it was… there was nothing like it. All these people who are there to see you! Everything else falls away, you’re suddenly just there to give these people the show they came to see.” Since returning home, Martin-Brown has at last found time to wind down, take a breath and fix her sights once again to writing. Evol Walks’ intention had been to spend their European downtime writing material for their LP, but their adventures proved too distracting. For now, we must remain content with the EP offering just a taste of things to come. “We didn’t… quite… get anything done,” she says haltingly, and laughs. “Just before we left, we did some work, we wrote two songs. Now I’m back home, I’ve got some time before the next tour to get some writing done. I’ve been on tour before and it’s been hectic, but there’s always been some downtime. Not this time. But I definitely think The Other Side is an indication of the direction the band is going. I’ve always really been into writing things that are a little bit darker, so I think the album is going to have that darkness, but still be fun rock’n’roll.” The Other Side by Evol Walks is out now independently and they play Frankie’s Pizza on Thursday October 8. - See more at: http://www.thebrag.com/music/evol-walks#sthash.IQV2cs6c.dpuf - The Brag

"Blank GC"

Gold Coast rock goddess Leah Martin-Brown flew the coop last year. Now based in LA with her band Evol Walks, she’s spread her wings and hasn’t looked back. Except for frequent homecomings for gigs.

We catch up at BIGSOUND, where Leah is just another punter with a shock of gorgeous red hair. She’s champing at the bit to tell me about her adventures and I couldn’t be more stoked. Since discovering Leah through her prior project Lily Rouge and having many conversations via email and social media, this is actually the first time we’ve met in person.

“I left LA in July and went to Europe – I’m living between the two at the moment,” she tells me. “We had Musexpo this year and that gave us a lot of opportunities and since then we’ve played the Viper Room, Rainbow Bar…,” she rattles off a list of classic Sunset Strip music venues, making me green with envy.

“As part of Musexpo, they were doing an opportunity where Andy Gould who’s the manager for Rob Zombie was looking for new acts for his label – and our management said we should submit. There were 200 people who submitted and we got into final seven being considered,” Leah said.

“We didn’t get the opportunity but at the end they were announcing the decision, then the guy from polish Woodstock who could only speak Polish – he started excitedly speaking – and his translator said ‘don’t end the panel yet – if that Australian band want to come play the festival at Woodstock, we want to put them on the main stage.’ So they came to see us that night at the showcase, and we got the chance to play at the festival over there.”

Leah said they got to Woodstock and were completely floored to find out they were playing the main stage, and late in the day. They also scored a really popular Polish band on the stage immediately prior, so they had a huge crowd already there.

“We had a good crowd to start with, as soon as we started playing,” she said. “Then half way through our set the crowd had doubled and by the end of our set there was a sea of people who’d just appeared.”

“We had all these people saying we were the dark horse of Woodstock.”

Evol Walks at Prystanek Woodstock
Evol Walks at Prystanek Woodstock. Source: Facebook

“We really worked hard during the performance and people loved it. It was great,” Leah said.

Leah and her band are now touring to launch their EP The Other Side but she tells me that that release will just be a soft launch with the EP only available in Australia.

“We’re doing an Australian tour,” she said. “Which is very heavily focused on Victoria.”

Plus they’re at Michell Creek this weekend and have an acoustic gig at The Loft on the horizon.

After that, Leah will be focused on doing some writing with her old producer, Stuart Stuart who worked on Sheppard’s album.

“Then we’re flying back to the states ‘cos we have a west coast tour,” she said. “Then I come back here until January and book all the shows until next year.”

Evol Walks’ west coast tour starts in Phoenix before moving on to LA for a home crowd, then Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Oregon, Washington. There’s nine or ten dates up the coast.

Leah says the EP The Other Side is their debut, recorded in LA with Brian Howes. “We’ve released three singles already,” she said. “I just hope people like them on the CD as much as they love them live.”

But back to Mitchell Creek this weekend. Leah says punters can expect an extremely energetic performance.

“It’s going to be very loud. Very big guitars. Just an awesome classic rock show that’s going to be a lot of fun,” she said.

“We’re only a serious band when it comes to our work ethic – but we love to muck around, we love to have fun… you can definitely expect us to be having a lot of fun and partying with everyone there,” she said. - Samantha Morris

"Awesome Female Fronted Rock and Roll"

Back in the late 80's/early 90's, hard hitting Rock-n-Roll was king. Many genres have eclipsed it since then, but it's been making a slow and steady comeback in the past 4 or 5 years. So what's that got to do with Evol Walks?

First, take a very talented singer from Australia (where she fronts another awesome band called Lilly Rouge; be sure to check out their 4 eps here as well), and send her to LA. Then team her up with some kick ass musicians with a love for ballsy rock with a slight tinge of blues. Party hard, write some music, and practice until they're ready to record something. The result: Heartbreakin' Woman.

First time I heard this song on Soundcloud, I thought of a little known 90's act called Smashed Gladys. While Vixen was in the public eye, Smashed Gladys was like a female fronted version of Guns-N-Roses. Ballsy, in your face rock and roll. Evol Walks isn't exactly the same as Smashed Gladys, but this song, to me, evokes that same style: hard hitting, in your face rock that doesn't apologize for being down and dirty.

What first drew me to the band was vocalist Leah Martin-Brown; I'm all ready a fan via Lilly Rouge. She has the rockstar look going, and has a great voice. But this isn't Lilly Rouge 2.0; that band is more modern sounding rock, while Evol Walks hearkens back to when Rock was crude, rude, and unapologetic about getting wasted, having a lot of sex, partying all night, and last but not least, having your heart broken by someone. Her vocal style adapts well to this grittier style, and matches well with the power behind the rest of the band.

This is a great intro to an up and coming band, and I can't wait for more material to come out. Even more, I can't wait to see them live. - Amazon.com

"Evol Walks- Music Review"

Evol Walks is the kind of triumphant ass kicking rock and roll that makes the genre so goddamn worth it. This female fronted group has gutsy riffs and powerful vocals that belt out over top of the mix, launching the band into glory. Simply put, Evol Walks are fun to listen too, and this is clear from the first. Their tracks like Heartbreakin' Woman and Black and Blue describe the kind of badass hard living women who are all too familiar for some of us. See, Evol Walks know how to groove with simple bluesy licks that will engage fans of groups like AC/DC or even Judas Priest. The roaring vocals courtesy of the mystical Leah Martin-Brown who in the space of just three songs is able to show herself to be a true rock goddess, the kind of dark queen who impresses, and not just because she's a girl. She has an impressive range and a sharp bite to her vocal lines. So come on in and feel the triumphant beats of a band who seem destined to succeed, not just some wannabe gods of rock and roll. - Two Metal Guys Reviews

"INDIElicious! Evol Walks"

"If Green Day and Joan Jett had a kid, it would be Evol Walks. Heartbreakin' Womans has some balls, with a awesomely rocking riff that deserves to be cranked up coupled by melody and lyrics that compliment the song with power and emotion." - Jon Lee - gfm.fm

"Discovering Their Inner AC/DC"

Fresh out of LA, Evol Walks is actually the raw, rockin’ vehicle of a young Australian singer-songwriter named Leah Martin-Brown, who fills in the blanks for Michael Smith.

"It all happened so quickly,” admits a still breathless Leah Martin-Brown, the Gold Coast-raised frontwoman of a five-piece called Evol Walks, based in LA. “I got a phone call in mid-December 2013 – they wanted me over there the first of January. So I kind of had been working on some stuff but hadn’t really finalised anything ‘cause I didn’t really think there was a rush, so I only had three ideas for songs when I went over there, maybe four.”
Martin-Brown had been gigging with a four-piece called Lilly Rouge, toured Australia three times and released several EPs when, as she explains, “I got noticed by some people over in the USA. So I went over and was working on some stuff and met my lead guitarist, CJ, and a few others and we started Evol Walks from a concept I had over here [in Australia] that kind of blossomed over there.”]

“I was originally writing stuff that was kind of metal-y but it wasn’t really me anymore, and I absolutely adore AC/DC… I can’t think of many bands that are girl-fronted that do that kind of sound"

Within four months of landing in LA, Martin-Brown got to debut Evol Walks at the Global Rock Summit, part of the prestigious annual Musexpo industry conference. Over the next few months, she and the band went into the studio with producer Brian Howes, whose CV includes albums for Simple Plan and fellow Australians Airbourne, releasing a debut single, Heartbreakin’ Woman.

“I’ve wanted to work with Brian for many years,” she continues, “and never thought it was an option, but the people who kind of found my work and invited me over, they teamed me up with a manager, Victor Murgatroyd, who is good friends with Brian and just thought we’d be a perfect fit. Everything he does is wonderful and his ideas are just great. We’ve finished an EP but we’re not releasing it until September, because we’ll be back in Australia for the Mitchell Creek Music Festival.”

Right now they’re focusing on the second single, Buzzed, while Triple M is currently playing Heartbreakin’ Woman, released in September last year, the song also getting thrashed on Hong Kong-based internet radio station HKG-FM.

“I was originally writing stuff that was kind of metal-y but it wasn’t really me anymore, and I absolutely adore AC/DC, I love Led Zeppelin, I love Black Sabbath, and I can’t think of many bands that are girl-fronted that do that kind of sound. So I kind of wanted to strip things back and make it very Australian pub rock, very unique to who I am, because I think I was just going in the wrong direction. I wanted something a bit raw and a bit more bad-arsed!”

The band now has two Australians in the line-up with rhythm guitarist Zac Bentley joining a couple of months ago. “I actually posted an ad in a musicians’ classified,” Martin-Brown admits, “and I met him and it was one of those things – he didn’t even audition, I just knew that he should be in the band. And then he did audition and we just get along like a house on fire.” - TheMusic.com

"Evol Walks- Heartbreakin' Woman"

It is honestly not everyday that you come across a hard hitting kickass rock record but today I have happened upon a sick new video entitled “Heartbreakin’ Woman” by Evol Walks, a 5 person ensemble that will become an instant favorite as soon as you hit the play button on this high energy hit. The song will capture your attention right from the jump with a feel goof vibe on the track that is soon accompanied by an onslaught of very well received vocals. Definitely a song you can sit back and rock out to for a whole minute, check it out below! #BOOM! - hypehits.com

"Interview with Evol Walks Front Woman Leah"

When did you first start to realize that being in a band was what you wanted to pursue ?
It’s pretty hard to pinpoint the exact moment. I grew up listening to rock and roll and started writing music, singing and playing guitar when I was very small so its always been a part of me. For maybe two or three years starting when I was four I wanted to be an actress but other than that slight deviation I’ve always wanted to be in a rock n roll band.
There are very few female fronted bands especially rock bands here in Australia and its great to see another working it and taking it on the road , How were you perceived in America while on tour ?
The Americans absolutely loved it! They love female fronted rock n roll and they love Australians so every show we played they were all over it, even wanting autographs and photos of us afterwards- it was a little surreal.
What drives you to be in this industry!!I am passionate about writing and performing rock and roll, it is what I want to do for the rest of my life, it is what makes me tick. I couldn’t imagine working a boring desk job or wearing one of those annoying, office style pencil skirts. It is a brutal industry but there is a lot of freedom which is a big thing for me. I am in control of my own destiny.

What is something you cant do without while on tour ?
My Ipod! I like to zone out before a show and I need good music to be able to do that… Plus all the driving we end up doing- can be hectic.

What do you miss about Australia when your in America ?I miss our “special” brand of humour and I really, really miss our natural scenery. In LA there is not much in the way of greenery so it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Favourite food and do you cook ?It depends on my mood but I LOVE Japanese Curry, Thai Food and Mexican. I do cook occasionally but I’m not great at it, I actually burnt water once… That is actually a thing I promise you.

Who does Leah Martin Brown aspire to ? I don’t really aspire to be anyone apart from the best version of myself I can be. I aspire to be a good person. I do look up to musicians like Janis Joplin, Jimmy Page, Joan Jett and Marilyn Manson and take a lot of influence from them as well.

Favourite Aussie artist ?
Overall- AC/DC, I have an unhealthy obsession with them. Currently my favourite Aussie band are ‘The Black Swamp’ but I also love ‘Azreal’ and ‘WAAX’.

Goals for 2015 ?Keep moving and getting more shows. I’d also love to do another Australian tour and maybe even a European tour.

What can the people at VIBE March 13th expect from Evol Walks ?We will be bringing our A game. Blistering guitar solos, take no prisoners attitude and a loud, awesome rock n roll show. AMPS TO 11!!

Evol Walks on tour in February / March throughout Australia catch them in Brisbane Friday March 13th at VIBE and March 14th at Currumbin Creek Tavern
Brisbane entry $15 support acts Domestic Disturbance , UPSIZE , TrashQueen , SnakeBite Whiskey
Gold Coast $10 support acts UPSIZE , The Vultures , The Flame Fields , Domestic Disturbance . - MMK Promotions

"Evol Walks' Leah Martin-Brown "ROCKS" this discussion"

Hard rockers Evol Walks formed only this year and have already made their mark upon the music scene. They have been hard at work writing and recording for their debut album coming out soon with further plans to play shows and tour of course! Lead vocalist Leah-Martin Brown discusses the band's progress of the new release, themselves, and future.

1. What type of band are you?

Leah-Martin Brown: We are a five-piece rock and roll band.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Leah-Martin Brown: We formed at the beginning of this year after I made the move to Hollywood from Australia. After a few months of jamming we were invited to play the Global Rock Summit and have been making our way from there.

3. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Leah-Martin Brown: We cover everything from classic, fun, "let's party" rock anthems to brooding love ballads. It really depends on the mood when we're writing.

4. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Leah-Martin Brown: Most definitely. The songwriting process tends to change from track to track, sometimes I will have the lyrics entirely written with melody and basic chords and song structure and we'll nut it out the finer details and maybe even rewrite in the studio. Sometimes I'll sit down with our guitarist CJ and he'll come up with some killer riffs while I sing different melodies over the top. We'll record the basic skeleton then go away and work on things as individuals then come back and hopefully have a finished track to bring to the other guys for their input. It's always a very collaborative process.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Leah-Martin Brown: There are so many different musicians we take our influences from. At the forefront would definitely be bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath but there's also artists like, JET, Monster Magnet and Stone Sour.

6. Tell me about your new single.

Leah-Martin Brown: 'Heartbreakin Woman' is an attitude driven rock 'n' roll song that's also meant to be a bit of fun. A lot of the phrases I took from arguments I'd had with an ex a while ago and then it sort of took off from there. It is definitely an awesome rock 'n' roll track that you can sing along and dance around to- which is the most important part.

7. How many songs have you written for your next release?

Leah-Martin Brown: Around 25/26 at the moment which will most likely turn into more... I'm guessing not all will make the final cut though. :)

8. Do you have any favorites?

Leah-Martin Brown: I love them all for different reasons but I'll have to come back to you on that when we complete recording them and we can compare notes!

9. What are the upcoming touring plans for you guys?

Leah-Martin Brown: We're currently finalizing these and look forward to sharing them very soon.

10. What can one expect from a Evol Walks show?

Leah-Martin Brown: Loud guitars, long hair, awesome energy and lots of fun!

11. What advice would you give to people who would like to do what you're doing?

Leah-Martin Brown: Work hard, don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough, love what you do and never, ever give up! It is really all about the work and the passion you have for your craft.

12. How did the get band the name, Evol Walks?

Leah-Martin Brown: I was trying to think of a really cool name and I was listening to AC/DC at the time. Their track 'Evil Walks' came onto my iPod and I was singing along and it hit me! What a rad band name! The only thing is, I'm not really super "evil" so I was trying to think of another way we could use it. Evol was a fun play on the spelling as it can mean so many different things and still get the sound and vibe across.

13. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Leah-Martin Brown: We'll be available for purchase through iTunes etc. later in the year so for now you can listen to us on our Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/evol-walks.

14. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Leah-Martin Brown: At the moment we're writing and recording our debut album plus playing some shows. :) - Nataliez World

"Evol Walks (Live Review)"

Evol Walks
Earlier in the evening, Evol Walks took the stage and warmed up the early arrivals with a rock solid set of tunes. A Los Angeles based band via Australia, Evol Walks is one of the very best collectives on the local music scene today. Up front and center is the gloriously talented Leah Elizabeth, conveying each and every song with a stunning amount of passion and conviction. In the grand tradition of lead vocalists such as Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf, Leah Elizabeth possesses extraordinary vocals that will haunt and then throttle your senses. Leah clearly kicks ass onstage, and together with a devastatingly talented band, Evol Walks are on a one-way trip into the mighty throes of the big leagues. Whether it’s the diabolical punch of Black and Blue or the wildly infectious should-be hit single Buzzed, Evol Walks is ready to break out of the Sunset Strip in a massive way. In addition to charismatic front woman Leah Elizabeth, the ferocious Evol Walks lineup consists of CJ Tywoniak on lead guitar, Dre DiMura on rhythm guitar, Mike Dwyer on bass, and Zac Morris on drums. Judging by the superbly enthusiastic audience reaction, expect Evol Walks to be headlining their own shows at The Viper Room and beyond by the time 2017 spins to its freaky and unpredictable conclusion.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue) - Highwire Daze

"Take A Listen to Hard Rock Artist Evol Walks"

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer and a predilection for rock and roll, Evol Walks have rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender in the hard rock scene.
The brainchild of Australian born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Leah Martin-Brown in 2014, Evol Walks have proven themselves a band to watch by cutting their teeth in venues across three continents and earning plaudits from fans and industry experts alike.

Dan Locke: You grow up in Australia. Tell me how was the music scene in that country?

Leah Martin-Brown: Although much smaller than the USA, Australia still has a fantastic, nurturing music scene with new cultural hubs and creative spaces popping up every year to help nurture the talent we have. Growing up, there were always venues I was able to perform at and places where I could develop my craft further via songwriting workshops or music classes, etc. It was fun.

The distance from one city to another is a way. How does one see bands if they are not near your hometown?

Honestly, we think of distance differently in Australia. I am from the Gold Coast and 95% of the time bands would go to Brisbane which is only an hour (if that) North. So I just drove up to see them. Occasionally a band or festival may only visit Sydney or Melbourne and, in that case, flights and accommodation are really reasonable so I’d just fly down for the evening. It’s maximum 2-hour plane ride so it’s easy.

Who influenced you?

I have always been extremely influenced by Bon Scott-era AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and Monster Magnet. Vocally, I have always looked up to Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, and Amy Lee. Joan Jett is also a total badass!

You are from Australia. I am going to name a few bands from that area. I would like you to tell me something in a sentence or two about these bands?

Leah Martin-Brown from Evol Walks
AC/DC- Bon Scott Forever!

Kylie Minogue- The Queen of Australia. Also appeared as the Absinthe fairy in the movie Moulin Rouge.

Bee Gees- Iconic. I’m always confusing them with the Beach Boys… (I know that’s so bad)

Olivia Newton-John- YAH BETTER SHAPE UP! CAUSE I NEEEEEDDDDD A MAN!! Grease, am I right? Those black pants tho…

Keith Urban- From a town not far from me. Married to Princess of Australia Nicole Kidman. Nicest person ever. Fantastic guitarist.

Michael Hutchence- Sexiest frontman ever. Incredible lyrics.

Rick Springfield- Is he from Australia? I had no idea.

INXS- Amazing musicians. Great songs. Its a shame about Michael - Unrated Magazine

"Conversations With the Inspiring Leah Martin-Brown"

Today we’d like to introduce you to Leah Martin-Brown.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Originally from the Gold Coast, Australia, I have written and performed music from the time I was nine or ten years old. I spent my high school years honing my talent by writing music and performing at local pubs and clubs until I graduated at 17 and began studying music at University. Whilst completing my studies, I toured Australia with my band. At the beginning of 2014, I was invited by an A&R company to come to Los Angeles and perform at an exclusive Music conference held at the Roosevelt Hotel. It was here I formed my current band, Evol Walks.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have released two records, toured Australia, Europe, and West Coast USA and have signed with one of the biggest managers in the heavy rock genre. We have just released our second music video ‘The Fire’ from our second EP ‘Our Time is Now’ and playing select shows around LA and surrounding areas before heading out on tour later in the year.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Choosing a career in a creative field is setting yourself up for heartbreak. It is hard work, you will constantly be told you are not good enough or what you’re doing won’t work and the only thing driving your success is you. I think some of the biggest struggles have come from not having a clear path set out and having to carve out your own. It is easy to become distracted or depressed and feel like there is nothing going on as you don’t have the structure of a traditional career or the feedback you usually receive in one.

My best advice? Truly love what you do and don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do. If you truly believe in yourself and your work- you can make it. Don’t give up!

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I am a musician and songwriter. My main project is a five-piece heavy rock and roll band called Evol Walks but I also do solo performances, studio work for other acts and run a jam night out in Tarzana called ‘The Valley Collective.’ I think the thing that sets me somewhat apart is that I was able to come to the USA with next to nothing and knowing nobody in 2014 and, since then, build myself up to have a career here. It is a really hard road to get to that place.

It would be great to hear about any apps, books, podcasts or other resources that you’ve used and would recommend to others.
I love to watch my favorite acts and artists on YouTube to study their stagecraft. I also swear by my vocal coach Ron Anderson. He has been a game changer for me. - VoyageLA

"Interview w. Leah from Evol Walks"

CHICAGO – With a healthy dose of attitude, a dynamite lead singer and a predilection for time-honored rock ‘n’ roll, “Evol Walks” is a band that has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender. Now based in Los Angeles, Evol Walks has produced an EP, earned plaudits from artists and fans around the world, and played across three continents. The band’s hard edge takes its inspiration from the giants of heavy music, from roots in AC/DC and Black Sabbath, as well as Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Stone Sour and Monster Magnet, plus gives it a modern tweak.

“The Fire” is featured on Evol Walks new EP, “Our Time Is Now,” released on January 18th of this year, and produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless in White, Sylar, New Years Day). It featured writing contributions from Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides), Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel (Atreyu) and Tim Henwood (The Superjesus, Rogue Traders, Palace of the King).

Leah Martin-Brown, Lead Singer of Evol Walks
Photo credit: EvolWalks.com

Jeff Doles of HollywoodChicago.com interviewed Leah Martin-Brown, lead singer of Evol Walks about the band and their new EP “The Fire.”

HollywoodChicago.com: What inspires you personally to create music and how did your musical background impact how you approached forming the band back in 2014?

Leah Martin-Brown: I am generally inspired by everyday life and the events that occur around me. When I formed Evol Walks back in 2014, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to sound like and be like. That really helped when I was approaching musicians and trying to put the group together.

HollywoodChicago.com: Along with Evol Walk’s hard hitting sound, image plays a major role in live music and creating a fan base. What groups inspired Evol Walk’s look and what do want fans to think after they see the band for the first time playing live?

Martin-Brown: Our look was inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Halestorm and AC/DC. We have such an energetic and frenetic live show that I really feel draws people in, whether or not they’ve heard of us or not.

HollywoodChicago.com: You’ve spoken of specific influences for sound. How did ‘Soul Stripper’ by AC/DC, ‘Sorrow’ by David Bowie and ‘Devil Woman’ by Cliff Richard inspire inspire your new track ‘The Fire’?

Martin-Brown: I wanted to write a song from the perspective of the so-called ‘evil’ woman described in these songs. I wanted to create a strong, female response that owned the character and turned the stereotype around.

HollywoodChicago.com: What does the song ‘Our Time is Now’ mean to you personally, and how does it speak to or about your specific audience?

Martin-Brown: I co-wrote ‘Our Time is Now’ with Jake Pitts [Black Veil Brides]. At the time there was a lot of crazy political stuff going on in the world, a lot of which I didn’t agree with … I think ‘Our Time is Now’ acts as a call to action for today’s youth. It is song asking those in power not to brush us aside just because we are young, because we will be the ones dictating their future.

Leah Martin-Brown (center) and Evol Walks
Photo credit: EvolWalks.com

HollywoodChicago.com: How does Evol Walk collaborate musically and lyrically to create your unique sound?

Martin-Brown: I am the main writer for the band and for our EP I did a lot of co-writes with some amazing songwriters in the industry, like Jake Pitts, Travis Miguel and Dan Jacobs. I always have an idea in my head of where I am wanting the song to go and how they will translate in our live show. When I work with the guys in the band, we try and draw from lots of different influences to make the music as interesting as possible, while still keeping it as something we love to play.

HollywoodChicago.com: Finally, what has been the fan reaction to the EP, and what is your favorite song off the disk to play live?

Martin-Brown: The fans have been overwhelmingly supportive, which is awesome! I absolutely love playing ‘Up All Night.’ It’s such a fun tune and the audience always gets into it, which I also love.

Read more: http://www.hollywoodchicago.com/news/29339/interview-leah-martin-brown-lead-singer-of-evol-walks#ixzz5oQoqxe00 - Hollywood Chicago

"Evol Walks Burn Bright in New Music Video"

Evol Walks may channel the heart and soul of the blues with their track “The Fire,” but they’re red hot in the music video, teaming up with AP to share the new visuals.

The third track off their second EP, Our Time Is Now, the band are looking to release a video for every song from the record before hopefully heading out on tour later this year.

When preparing visuals, frontwoman Leah Martin-Brown looked to do more with less to match the vibe of the track.

“‘The Fire’ is such a blues-based song that I wanted to keep the video nice and simple,” she says. “Working with my director, Angelo, we really got some beautiful visuals of Los Angeles in flames and stripped it back to just a group of musicians busting out the song.”

Enlisting the help of a fire-wielding colleague, the band were straightforward with their visuals for “The Fire.”

“My friend, Rex, is a fire performer. After seeing what he could do, I really wanted to incorporate his talent and have him feature as the literal representation of ‘The Fire,’” Martin-Brown says. “We got an amazing makeup artist, Donna DeLia, to do his face to make it a little darker and more of that demon vibe we were going for.”

The band have been known to cover classic rock and blues during their live sets. But these influences are clearly antagonized through the lyrics in their latest EP.

“When coming up with the lyrics, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and write from the perspective of the ‘evil’ woman described in a lot of the classics,” Martin-Brown says.

Martin-Brown sympathizes with the women “who will happily play with your emotions and watch you suffer” portrayed in classic-rock tracks.

“‘The Fire’ is meant to be a modern response to tracks such as ‘Soul Stripper’ by AC/DC, ‘Sorrow’ [by David Bowie or] ‘Devil Woman’ [by Cliff Richard],” she explains. “I really wanted to write something from that perspective, kind of owning the character and showing that maybe it isn’t such a terrible thing to be a bad girl. Of course, tongue in cheek.”

Check out the new music video for “The Fire” below. - Alternative Press


The Fire (Single) April 9th 2019

Our Time is Now Album January 18th 2019

Our Time is Now (SINGLE) November 2018

Send my Love (To Your New Lover) October 2017

Spirit in The Sky (Single), December 2016

Without Me (Single) January 2016

The Other Side (EP) September 2015

The Other Side (Single) August 2015

Buzzed (Single) February 2015

Heartbreakin' Woman (Single) July 2014



With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer and a predilection for rock and roll, Evol Walks have rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender in the hard rock scene.
The brainchild of Australian born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Leah Martin-Brown in 2014, Evol Walks have proven themselves a band to watch by cutting their teeth in venues across three continents and earning plaudits from fans and industry experts alike.

But before there was Evol Walks, there was an eleven year old girl and her guitar sitting on the floor of a bedroom in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia. Leah started performing and writing at a very young age- first covering Disney songs in her living room and then writing short poems and trying to set them to well known tunes, it became apparent to her that she would need to learn an instrument so she could properly have her work heard. In 2003, Leah picked up a guitar and never looked back, performing a thirty minute set of her original songs a year later during her High School talent show. From that moment on, she became a staple on the Gold Coast and Brisbane music scene despite being under the legal age, performing under her stage name ‘Lilly Rouge’. 

At age seventeen, Leah was accepted in the Queensland Conservatorium of Music ‘Bachelor of Popular Music’ program as a singer/songwriter. She spent the next three years collaborating with fellow students on new music, playing local bars and clubs and co-writing her first four EP’s with well-known producer and songwriter Stuart Stuart (Sheppard, The Veronicas). These releases established Leah and her project enough that they were invited to perform at the prestigious ‘Big Day Out’ Festival in 2013 as well as being direct support for USA legacy acts ‘Everclear’ and ‘Presidents of the United States’. It was also through these releases that the now twenty-two year old was noticed an A&R company in Los Angeles, California USA who invited her over to showcase at their annual music showcase event ‘Musexpo’. 

It was here that Leah Martin-Brown decided to start a new chapter in her career and started ‘Evol Walks’. The five-piece have come a long way since 2014, releasing two EP’s, touring Australia, parts of Europe and West Coast USA as well as become a well known name in the Los Angeles music community. Leah has since co-written music with industry heavy hitters Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides), Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel (Atreyu) and Tim Henderson (The SuperJesus, Palace of the King) as well as performed with well known musicians like Nita Strauss, Glen Sobel and shared the stage with Johnny Depp and other members of ‘The Hollywood Vampires’.

Evol Walks released their Sophomore record on January 18th 2019 and are already looking to the future, Leah is already in the studio demo-ing a slew of new music for the next release set for some time in late 2019. The five-piece are playing select dates in Los Angeles and are hoping to go on tour with their new record during the Summer.

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