Los Angeles, California, USA

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Evren writes literate indie-pop. His vocals range from sensitive operatics similar to Jeff Buckley to forceful rants a la Kurt Cobain. His new CD, Boxes, is a "tour-de-force of song after song of shimmering pop-rock"


Evren writes literate pop-rock songs. Influences include Elvis Costello, The Pixes, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, and Radiohead. He has released three CDs for Spill Records, and is currently recording his fourth CD.

Evren impressed the music community with his third CD for Spill Records, BOXES (2004). It is described as a “tour-de-force of song after song of shimmering pop-rock” (notlame.com), “rife with literate verses and abundant hooks” (Performing Songwriter). Music writer Terry Flamm of Amplifier magazine hailed BOXES as one of his top ten albums of the year (2003). Track #7 “Hollywood Park” was selected to be on NPR’s All Songs Considered-Open Mic online showcase (2004). Track #13 “Breathe” was selected from thousands of submissions for Discmaker’s Spring ’03 Heavy Hitters Compilation CD. The DIY Music Festival (Los Angeles) dignified Boxes with an honorable mention in the album of the year category (2004).

Evren’s 2nd Spill Records' release, FLUX (2001), was embraced by press and college radio. Live Magazine heralded: “Flux is filled with hooks that will hang until Sunday…and crystalline-pure production.” MeanStreet Magazine proclaimed: “It’s indie rock at its finest” with “twelve competently done radio-ready songs…just perverse enough to soothe.” It was in rotation at many West Coast college radio stations, reaching a spot in the top 30 spins at KPSU in Portland, Oregon.

His debut release on spill records, BURNING THE TULIPS (1998) garnered enthusiastic support from press. The Eugene Weekly summed it up as “intelligent, alternative music that kicks ass.”

Evren has performed at numerous conferences including: The SXSW Music Conference, The Philadelphia Music Conference, EAT’M, and The TAXI Road Rally. He was selected to be one of fifteen songwriters in ASCAP’s Lester Sill Songwriter’s Workshop in Los Angeles (1999). Evren tours the western U.S. regularly, recently completing his 8th tour (Fall 2004). Evren intends to attract more fans with the release of his upcoming fourth CD.



Written By: Evren Goknar

Six months pay in my pocket
Today will be the day
I pay the coyote
He’ll show me the way

Out to California
Where I can start again
Out across the border
Where I can work and pay my debts

I gave that coyote
Every cent I had, along with
Fifteen other vatos
Packed into a van

If God smiles on me
I’ll make it to the land of the free
I left my home, my family
But it’s worth it, that’s the hope I keep

North of Mexicali
Still packed in that van
A sheriff pulled us over
The coyote jumped out and ran

They opened up the back door
I swear they won’t get me
As they lined us up for counting
I ran for a cover of trees

I hear shots ring
And I fall, to my knees
I’m bleeding badly
Don’t let me die here
Where the vultures shriek

Don’t let me die here
Where the vultures shriek

Cloudy Surf And Dirty Sea Foam

Written By: Evren Goknar

You felt like home, in a strange neighborhood
Comforting me like being alone never could
Now all these fears have sucked the shine from my eyes
Oh they’re stuck to me like leeches

Cloudy surf and dirty sea foam
Is how nostalgia looks to me
It tastes salty like an ocean
And I get thirsty for something
No drink can feed

I take a drive past the places we’d go
Moving back through the corridors in my soul
Another restaurant or all-night café
Where we shared promised that all have slipped away

Cloudy surf and dirty sea foam
Is how nostalgia looks to me
It tastes salty like an ocean
And I get thirsty for something
No drink can feed


Boxes (2004 Spill Records)
Flux (2001 Spill Records)
Burning The Tulips (1998 Spill Records)
Hungry? (1997 Spill Records)

Radio Airplay:
You Owe Us (Indie 103.1)
Boxes, Flux, Burning The Tulips (various college radio nationally)

Set List

Sets are usually 40 minutes, but can be as long as 1 hour. Below is a current set list:

1.Odyssey X
2.No Requiem
3.You Owe Us
4.Just A Scratch
5.The School Her
6.Weird Restless Soul
7.Hollywoodd Park
10.Without A Clue
12.Look Out Life
13.Goodbye/To The Grave