Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Female Fronted Rock Band Self-Described as “In Your Face Rock,” from the Philly area! Check us out at evromusic.com and myspace.com/evro!


Self-described as, “In your face rock with an incredible female vocalist.” Evro is an alternative rock band from the Philadelphia area that strives to have a strong unique sound. The four member band creates catchy hooks and has amazing energy to captivate all types of audiences. Although a new and emerging band, Evro is diligently working in the Philly music scene.

It was almost an accident of fate for the members to have come together again. For DeFusco (drummer) Matt Gordon (guitarist) and Brian Vail (bassist), this was the third collective musical endeavor. The band finally came together after years of improvisation in various projects after meeting Janelle Korkus (lead singer). Even though all the members have been part of various other musical projects and began with different outlooks, this was something that seemed right at the time for each member to further their talent. "I would have never joined this project if it weren't for Janelle's incredible vocals and having good friends who equally write music..." DeFusco mentions. Evro's songs are all collectively created which helps promote diversity in their sound.

Evro has headlined and shared the stage with many talented acts such as: Foster Child (formers members of Fuel and Octane), Rome in a Day (Played VH-1 Save the Music), Head (worked with Phil Nichaelo producer of Aerosmith), The Rye Coalition (toured with Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains and Foo Fighters), Christy Jefferson & The Core Four (toured with Kansas), Sharon Little (toured with Robert Plant), Automatic Black (signed to Arista Records), Thriving Ivory, Spilt Decision, The Lords, Zelazowa, Blue Collar, Reality Stricken, StoneJackBallers, Jaded Faith, Mayoon, Shannon Cole, In Flight Radio, Rachel Platten, Christine Martucci Band, Amanda Kaletsky, Loretta Bilieux, Spoons for Adam, Junior League, Melinda Davis, The Eleventh Hour, Torsion, Ang & Ris, Maria DuBiel, Gretchen Witt, Hanus, Morning Side, Proven Worth, Spanish Blue, Pop Johnsons, Four Years Past , The Difference, Ben Hash, Sinner Saints, Under Your Bed and others.

Evro's unique and energizing sound can be attributed to the vast influences that each member brings to the band. Evro strives to mesh all types of sounds and present them with a unique and fervent energy. Continuing to promote their unique sound, Evro is currently promoting their first album in hopes to reach out to as many fans as possible. They are diligently working to overcome musical challenges and strive to constantly achieve higher goals in the music industry.


1. The Ride 3:44
2. Inside 4:04
3. Hold On 5:22

First Albulm Self Titled: EVRO
1. The Ride 3:37
2. Seven Eight 3:14
3. Ready to Go 3:07
4. Long Way Home 3:39
5. Might Not Think So 2:59
6. Not Yet 2:48
7. Hold On 5:19
8. I Know 3:39
9. Lost 2:42
10. We'll Show Them All 3:28
11. Inside 4:01
12. Beautiful Disaster 3:20

Currently, we are being played on Radio Arcadia University, Montgomery County Community College's radio station, University of Delaware's, and 91.3 in Newark, DE radio stations. We have done multiple radio interviews with MCCC radio. We have also played an acoustic version of "Hold On" and recorded a live jam-out version of "Use Me Up" by Bill Withers for MCCC radio.

"Inside" was also played on 93.3 WMMR during the local shots for the Thursday Night Rock. In addition, "Inside" made the top 10 on (AFU Radio) Always Found Underground Internet Radio Station.

The songs "Hold On", "Inside", and "The Ride" are in rotation on over a dozen internet radio stations, being played on air in the UK and on the brand new community radio station WhiStle Radio, 102.7FM (CIWS) in Ontario. Recently, we played "Not Yet" and "Just a Girl" on 104.5 Philadelphia Live at Five and the in studio performance is on our website. In addition we were featured on 6ABC's "Tuned In" segment.

Set List

Recently, we have been playing 3 hour shows were we split our original and cover material. We can play up to 4 hours of material for just a cover show, as well.

Cover shows we usually play a three to four hour set filled with such covers as:

Alanis Morissette: You Ought to Know
Alice in Chains: Man in the Box
Avril Livngie: Happy Ending
Beatles: Come Together
Bill Withers: Use Me Up
Black Eyed Peas: Pump It, Lets Get Things Started, and My Hump
Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer and Shot Through the Heart
Carrie Underwood: Before He Cheats
Dio: Holy Diver
Evanescence: Going Under
Fergie: Fergalicios
Fiana Apple: Sleep to Dream
Finger Eleven: Paralyzer
Foo Fighters: Monkey Wrench and Everlong
From Autumn to Ashes: Autumn's Monologue
Heart: Magic Man
Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to Love
Jin Blossoms: Jealousy
Jimi Hendrex: Fire
Jone Jet: I Love Rock n' Roll
Kelly Clarkson: Since You've Been Gone
Led Zepplin: Rock n' Roll and D'yer M'aker
Madonna: Time Goes