EX2 is a melodic hard rock band. The band combines many influence to give it a totally original sound that is also very easy to identify.


“One of the most original, expressive guitarists on the scene today” - Hot Guitarist Video Magazine editor Robb Cloepfil
Textured rhythm playing, melodic solos and the ability to shred have become a trademark of Erics playing. Its no wonder Eric receives such rave review from industry insiders. Eric has played guitar for over 20 years, and has studied music on a collegiate level. He also graduated with honors from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, but its Erics musical accomplishments that set him apart. Eric has forged his path playing in many regional bands that varied from metal to funk to even country. Through these experiences Eric has crafted his ability to write melodic music while combining all these influences. The result is his debut cd from Got Beats Records "FreakQuency".

The cd features:

"Rollercoaster (Get On)" - a funk influenced rock tune that many describe as
a modern day T.Rex
"Is There Love In Outerspace" - a Cars like tune that has a danceable new age quality to it
"Everything" - is a upbeat positive melodic tune that harkens back to early 80's Rick Springfield
"When I'm Down" - a cross between Def Leppard and AC/DC

Other tracks on the cd go from heavy punk to melodic rock to new metal.


FreakQuency - Available OCT 08

Set List

Tracks from "FreakQuency" and a few select covers.