Exact Change Project

Exact Change Project

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Exact Change Project is conceptual without focusing on any specific concept. We are hip-hop fanatics and also jazz musicians, and our music strives to seamlessly combine the two genres.It is an honest depiction of our lives, experiences and thoughts,all composed through organic,creative development.


Exact Change Project consists of Luge and Formula J, a duo from Queens, New York. In 2010, their musical pursuits lead them Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they originally began working on what would eventually become the "Exact Change Project." We feel that our lives and music represent the idea of an Exact Change. For us, it represents the ability to change the direction of one's life, the confidence to pursue dreams, and the freedom to create an Exact Change in the music that we are accustomed to hearing. After a year and a half of composing, writing, playing shows, and recording their debut album, "Escape Capsule", they moved back to New York City. The new band consists of Vocals, Keys, Saxophone, Bass, and Drums. All of the musicians have a musical history rooted in Jazz, but diverse musical tastes that travel deep into several musical genres. Their vision is taking hip-hop down a new road, embarking upon musical adventures, while exploring the genre’s jazzy roots. Exact Change Project's sound combines influences from New York City and international living, as well as the members’ musical roots in hip-hop, funk, and jazz. Together, they present an original fusion of styles, sounds, and sentiments. Luge’s piano driven beats are organic, soulful, and inventive, while Formula J’s lyrics are a reflection of life, lyricism, and imagination, delivered with original cadences and flows. It’s a very natural, evolutionary process, and the music will surely continue to transform and reinvent itself. “It’s time for that.”


2012- Escape Capsule - LP

Set List

Mayhem in the AM
Truest Lie
I Ain't Tryin to Do That
June Winter
Ya Gotta Have Heart
Soma Sonora
Juggler's Dilemma
Wine n Dime
Secret Formula
Exact Change
Keep It Jazzy
Space Slingin
New School

Brad Mehldau - Dusty McNugget
Robert Glasper - Jelly da Beaner
Common- The Questions
Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa, One More Chance
Nas- The World Is Yours
Madvillian- Raid
A Tribe Called Quest- Bonita Applebum
Jay-Z- Feelin' It, Encore
Hip Hop Medley
The Roots - Proceed
Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty