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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band EDM Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"How About a 5x5 Card?"

So often we conform. I remember in grade school learning to take notes with 3×5 cards. Having to check references and not being able to plagiarise. It’s tough as a little kid to read some obscure passage in an Encyclopedia, assimilate it, then regurgitate it with your own words. You’re hardly in your own skin. Anyway, as it’s been said in a movie: “Always check your references.” That’s smart thinking right there. Can you name the movie? It’s a comedy. It’s about really smart people.

Who is/was good at non-conforming in music and still able to be a household name? The ultimate answer in my book is Frank Zappa. Have there been others? Sure, but have they had the recognition bestowed upon them like Frank. No. Somehow Frank transposed his bizarre musical sense into some sort of commercial success. That’s what makes him absolutely admirable and amazing. Not to mention a genius.

As you can tell, I’m stretching out with today’s post. It’s pretty darn experimental compared to most of the music I’m running off on the computer keyboard about. Scott is the mastermind behind this opus. As much as I like Frank, I’m really not a fan of music like this. However, there is something that kept me listening to this song. I realize there isn’t a very strong chance that it will reach the top of the Billboard charts, nor any particular radio station format - that’s the reality of music like this.

It becomes music that is played with a singular purpose, to please the person that wrote it. If it ends up being pleasing to someone else, that’s an added bonus. Scott’s band persona is known as Exaltron. I have no idea what that name is supposed to mean. Maybe it’s meant for you to question it.

I think one thing I would be interested in hearing is this song done with an actual band and non-programmed drums. I think it would take on a more interesting life with acoustic drums. Otherwise I’m digging the strange arrangement. The multitude of instruments, and the effects. It’s a definite journey that is on an unfamiliar path. Even better is that it is well done. He’s got a vision and that’s a good thing.

Since there are 3×5 cards, why aren’t there 5×5 cards? - www.singleoftheday.com

"Mind Tingling"

its rare to hear live instrumentals in the hip hop world these days and exaltron brings them in beautifully. that and wicked rhyming skills. This CD should be in everyones collection. Word. - CD Baby

"I'm Inclined to Bet You Haven't Quite Heard Anything Like This...Ever"

And that's totally a good thing.

Exaltron blew my mind when I first popped it on. A product enriched with the philosophy "I remix myself onstage and it feels good", is exactly the kind of organic fuel to fire anyone's otherwise drab music tastes.

The arrangements roam, the lyrics stray, the instruments are all over the place, and frankly, we can't get enough of it. It's this sort of melding of musicalities that makes us excited about the future of music.

Here's what Exaltron has to say:

"Best described as omnivorous electro-funk, my music involves shoving way too many musical influences and instruments into a very small pot and scorching it all on stage with various hardware and software tools. Trumpet, guitar, vocals, beatbox, synthesizers and percussion are all used and abused in various ways."

You know what I say? Keep on using and abusing those tools, and we'll keep on listening.

Check out Exaltron's 5x5 (Electroskankified Remix) below. - sheenabeaston.blogspot.com


5x5 released in 2006- professionally pressed and available on itunes, amazon, cdbaby.

upcoming EP to be released in 09.



"The arrangements roam, the lyrics stray, the instruments are all over the place, and frankly, we can't get enough of it. It's this sort of melding of musicalities that makes us excited about the future of music."

exaltron is a trumpeter, guitarist, vocalist, beatboxer and freakin' remix ninja out of NYC. Inspired by compelling rhythms from all over the world, and equipped with wares both hard and soft, he creates a sound that manifests and celebrates the infinite possibilities of music and technology. Get it? "exaltron".

Over intricate beats steeped in hip-hop, drum n' bass, brazilian and afrobeat rhythms, exaltron blurs the lines between the synthetic and the organic. Vocal harmonies are chopped up and filtered into synthy jabs, trumpet is electronically multiplied into a futuristic big band sound. A solid sense of musicianship and a fetish for mad-scientist experimentation fuel an ecstatically creative approach to music.

While his subtly autoerotic slogan, "I remix myself on stage and it feels good", may be tongue in cheek, exaltron takes the art of live remix very seriously. After several years of collaborating with live musicians, such as drummer Andrew Frawley (Karina Zeviani, Ben Jelen) and bassist Jonny Taylor (Vic Thrill), exaltron decided to take his begrudging relationship with music technology to the next level. With a successful exaltron remix project for Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin and Wood) that built an afro-cuban composition over jungly samples of illyB's drumming, he was hooked. Adding laptop, footpedal and midi-guitar to his rig, exaltron the one-man-band and improvisational musicborg was born.

This maniacal hunger for improvisation and tweaking finds nourishment in NYC's monthly Warper Party, currently hosted by DJ Shakey and !INCLUDE. Founded by Shakey and Moldover in 2005, Warper has become a laboratory for a movement Moldover dubbed "controllerism", tweaking sounds on the fly using MIDI controllers, analogous to a DJ's approach to turntablism. Through collaboration and outright cribbing of his fellow controllerists, exaltron is constantly adding glitchy, stuttery effects to loops he creates live, gleefully transforming existing compositions and melodies into unrecognizable musical derivatives.