Excellent Gentlemen

Excellent Gentlemen


A soulful r&b quintet with synth-driven bass lines, tight vocal harmonies, and vintage funk beats. This is music for positive people; it's about feeling good and spreading love. Like liquid on the dance floor, Excellent Gentlemen flow through the soul with groove-oriented original music.


"Funk for what ails you." - The Goodfoot
"This Neo-Soul Groove has attitude in spades." -The Green Room

Excellent Gentlemen plays danceable, vocal Soul R&B music. Think: 70's block parties and golden-age hip-hop records. What goes on at an Excellent Gentlemen show? Yeah, there are gritty soul shouts. Yeah, there are drum breakdowns. Yeah, there's a whole lot of groove, and hells yeah people get down and dance when they hear it.

It took only a year for these transplanted New Yorkers to transform the music scene in their newly adopted home of Portland, Oregon. In 2007, the quartet opened for groups like Zap Mama at the Aladdin Theater and under their own billing Excellent Gentlemen has packed venues like The Fez, Jimmy Mak's, and Lola's Room at the Crystal Ballroom. Their music stands for positivity, love, joy and sex; this is definitely NOT the drudgery of mediocre Indie-Rock. Growing up together in New York forged a bond between these musicians that is evident in their lock-tight pockets and fierce commitment to song-craft and musicianship. From their roots in the East coast neo-soul and hip-hop communities, Excellent Gentlemen has forged a signature sound that is steeped in sweet soulfulness and ferocious grooves.

On the strength of their incredible live show, the independently-run band has ignited an adoring fan base and has attracted the attention of promoters and industry players across the Pacific Northwest. The band is fronted by Jeff Sechs and Steveland Swatkins, two powerful vocalists who both kick synth-bass lines and interweave vintage keyboard textures underneath soulful R&B harmonies. Guitarist Ehud Abadi carves the sonic space with pinpoint rhythm and sizzling leads while the backbeat gutbucket funk of drummer PJ Snacks keeps people's heads bobbing and bodies rocking. Dominic Phenomenal, an old friend from New York, recently joined the band and adds electric bass and synth madness to the fray. Excellent Gentlemen is currently touring across the region and will release their debut album in 2008.




Written By: Jefferson Sechs

You got it goin' on baby girl,
I get the shivers just thinkin' about the pleasure you deliver.
Hands down this is the sweetest that I feel, you're keepin' it so real my body's waitin' for your every next move.


Tiny Taste- 2007 EP

Set List

Excellent Gentlemen plays primarily original music with a couple of choice covers from the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder. Set lengths are flexible, and can vary from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours. The band has enough material to play for over 4 hours.

Do What They Want
Mr. Girlfriend
Tonight Alright
Remember Your Love
What It Is
Early Spring
Give It to You
Hard Gentleman
No Doubt About It
Vote For Love
Get Down Baby
Lovely Girl
Yeah Yeah Yeah
All In Time

Let's Stay Together- Al Green
Wanna Be Your Lover - Prince
PYT - Michael Jackson
Great Day in the Morning - D'Angelo
2 Close - Next
Give Me The Night- George Benson
Love Having You Around- Stevie Wonder
Kid Charlemagne- Steely Dan
Reasons- Earth Wind & Fire