Ex-Centric Sound System

Ex-Centric Sound System

 Accra, Greater Accra, GHA
BandWorldHip Hop

Ex-Centric Sound System 2011-2012 - Re-Spect Tour 2011
presenting 2 new band mambers and re-igniting the Ex-Centric Sound once again.


Ex Centric sound system has been pioneering the World African sounds along with deep bass being the first World Music band to be recognize by a hip hop label, "LOUD" released Ex-centric sound system debut-“Electric Voodooland ”in the US in summer 2000, then aware of the impact on hip hop sounds as well as world sounds, of such a fusion. “Electric Voodoland “was released to critical acclaim and Ex-Centric Sound System became successful internationally touring band.
The progressive world music collective released two additional albums and went on to embark on numerous successful worldwide tours, performing at such prestigious venues as Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl, New York’s Central Park Summer stage and the Montreal Jazz Festival, winning the praise from such publications as Source, Vibe, New York Post and Chicago Reader while gaining fans across the globe.
Based on roots, yet moving forward, they have just released a 5 cds box set entitled RE-SPECT! Gathering the full discography , and introducing unreleased classics from the early years, and live recordings of the show Ex-Centric sound System gave at the Stern Grove Festival entitled ” live in san Francisco”.


1998 - Electric Voodoo Land (Loud records)
2004 - West Nile Funk (EXS Music)
2005 - Afro Riddim Sessions (EXS music)
2008 - Live in San Francisco (EXS Music)