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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"this is what they say !"

A slight 60's Pop feel can be heard on some of the tracks; think The Zombies chasing Wreckless Eric whilst wielding mighty Buzzcocks ... nicky crumbs in the butter web zine // A SMASHING TIME ! THE CLASH MEETS THE TELEVISION PERSONALITIES .. N.M.E. // FIVE STAR LO FI ROCK N ROLL .. RECORD COLLECTOR // The spirit of 78 is alive and well with this one! ;-) ..LULUBELLE // you guys sound a bit like the wedding present, i like it! D .. TRANSGRESS // really like these songs (H Ward reminded me a little of wedding present in a wierd sorta way)..THE GLOWFRIENDS // a delightful mix of the Sex Pistols and Camper Van Beethoven

late 70's punk is great

I love love love your cd....

I am afraid I might wear it out

the lost in France sessions are the best ..USIS OF THE .. // Brilliant stuff. "Pay No More Than.." is a classic..HA HA SAID THE CAR // Pay no more than is class .. THE DODGY DEMO CLUB //

- various ...


THE DOLLS HOUSE DEMOS VOL 1 & 1/2 ..label = council house records 2008 , 8 track cd / itunes download // kaliedoscope eyes demo is featured on the series two vol 21 compilation cd ... we have been played on local radio here in cambridge and on various internet radio shows and podcasts



And now it's dark!.....welcome to the world of except the general... we are a four piece psychedelic punk rock combo based in the heart of cambridgeshire uk ....we have fun and make a noise ... our influences include CLASH , TELEVISION PERSONALITIES , THE JAM ,THE PSYCHEDELIC PUNK MOD POWERPOP MOVEMENT , FRANK BOOTH / DENNIS HOPPER , THE UK PUNK SCENE AROUND 1976-1983 ...SCOTT WALKER ,JOE MEEK , SYD BARRET , THE VELVET UNDERGROUND , H WARD , D WARD , WRECKLESS ERIC , THE PISTOLS , BUZZCOCKS , SPACEMEN 3 , CREATION RECORDS , ALAN MCGEE , MBV , THE CURE , JOHNNY CASH , THE SLITTERS , CRASS ,DANIEL JONSTON , THE CLANGERS , ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? .......