Lake Worth, Florida, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Excess has taken over the South Florida scene with a vengeance! They were voted third best local band in the West Palm area on WPBF Channel 25's A-List contest. They keep their fans entertained for hours with their high energy, and incredible musicianship.


Their set list is just as diverse as their members. They play high-powered hits from Journey, Styx and Foreigner, to current rock hits of today from bands like Fuel, Nickleback, Velvet Revolver and Daughtry. Their style ranges from classics like Born to Be Wild, to grunge hits such as "Killing in the Name Of", by Rage Against the Machine.

The members of Excess come from all sorts of different cultures. There's keyboardist, Blond John who knows how to tear up the keys. Next there's the metronome, also known as Jay Andrews, on drums. His solid tempo, technique and presence make him the backbone of the band. Myles Schell is at the bands core with his bass lines that just THUMP! Screeching guitarist, Joe Ganzi, comes from the multi-cultural city of New York. Finally you have the vast range and best-in-the-business showmanship of South Florida native, Chris Mendella.