Excessive Acts

Excessive Acts


In today's music landscape, with carbon copy sounds and image defining the band more then the music it creates, Excessive Acts is daring enough to stand out. Our eclectic mix of styles is unlike anything you have ever heard before.


Our band members all come from different ethnic backgrounds and it shows in the music we create. We have a heavy mix of Middle Eastern and Greek styles innertwined with Heavy Rock, Jazz, Salsa, Reggae, Ska, and pretty much anything else. Our first CD was created with Yuuki Wagasuki as our main lyricist but he left the band when the CD was done. Through the turmoil, a new band emerged.


Alluvium- Release Date is March 24th, 2007. Our second album, this harnesses the true transformation that has occured.

Set List

1. Bipolar
2. Cocaine
3. Depleted Scene
4. Curiosity
5. Wood
6. I Remember
7. Keeper of Our Company

* We have many many more songs and the set list is tailored to the situation and time restraint.