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Theodore, Alabama, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Theodore, Alabama, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Metal Death Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"No Life Til Metal - Excessum - To Hell We Fall"

Describing themselves as "original, in your face, heavy metal from the South!", Excessum are exactly that. Born out of Mobile, Alabama in the good 'ol U.S.A., Excessum are grunt 'n grind death metal. Unlike many modern bands being labeled metal, Excessum are not just about speed and boring breakdowns! This band is a brutal force mixing gutteral growled vocals, heavy riffs and a battering of drum beats. That's not to say that the speed isn't there, but this band knows how to mix it up and keep it interesting. Song after song the listener is given an audio beating with a barrage of heavy riffs, gutteral growls and fiery fret work. As I recall, on the band's last album "The Battle Has Begun: (2012) the vocals were more on the "core" side of the spectrum, but the vocals here are simply pummeling. Vocalist Sparky Hare (really?) combines deep growls with high pitched shrieks to keep things from getting monotonous. Here's the other thing about Excessum, these guys know how to write memorable songs as well. This isn't just heavy for the sake of being heavy. Rather, this is the type of heavy metal that will grab you by the jugular and get your head to banging, your fists to pumping and is sure to ignite spontaneous mosh pits. Buyer be warned, this is HEAVY! - Scott Waters

"Demented Magazine - Excessum - To Hell We Fall"


To Hell We Fall

8 Track Album

Released 1st August 2014

Brutally engaging!

The new album by Excessum - out now

Written for Demented Magazine
Excessum – Mobile, AL USA

Links: https://www.facebook.com/excessummetalband

Genre: Thrash/Groove/Metal

“Excessum formed in early 2011 with a much different line-up, claiming – “no idea how bumpy the road to success really is?”

The band started when guitarist, Tim Holloway and drummer, Dillon Winstanley met via a mutual friend. Although originally, the band had two guitarists, Zach House alongside Tim. But, because of creative differences, Zach decided to part ways withExcessum. So, with Bryant Payne on vocals, Excessum started recording their first album in late 2011 on through to early 2012 and released it shortly thereafter. Now working on the second studio album titled To Hell We Fall, the band is now operating with Anthony Hare on vocals and Trey Hildesheim on bass, going harder than ever!”

This is Excessum’s second album the newly released “To Hell we Fall” which precedes their first thrash/groove outing “The Battle has begun” released in October 2012 and on course for more annihilation.


With fire bulging from its belly this is a potent shot of madness that boldly rampages and destroys everything in its path. Vocally scathing, raw and magnificent with towering riffs, infused spikes of rhythm and a plethora of kick beats cementing its birth.


Hard edged and cruelly raw are the bass hooks that lick ferociously amid a seething vocal endeavour. The riffs are impressive and hungry to please. The chugs are equally as enthralling with a copious amount of melodic swagger that holds keen addictive qualities.

Rage Unrestrained

Enticing and thrilling with clever lyrics that are spewed forth into a maelstrom of surly hatred. The large and formidable structures are brooding with a full on volcanic eruption of molten metal.

Generation of Lies

Entwining a battering of drum beats and sonic riffs, a low guttural growl pokes its head into the limelight and sucks the life from the listener with a melee of melodic temper to back it up. A great predatory track that has more bite than a venomous snake!


“This is one superb album that can hold its head up high and boast plenty of brutality and has a keen appetite for full on annihilation - ready to eat you alive!!”


To Hell we Fall

The title track to this monstrous album, comes kicking and screaming into the light from a dark barrage of solid and formidable beat ridden structures, and drenched in a melodic frenzy. The vocals ranges from low to high pitch and hit with irresistible toxicity. This is an extreme track and seemingly run on eager fuelled passions.

The Valley of Dementia

Not letting up its tight grip on the aural that is ever tightening through-out the onslaught it presents, it boils over with a resounding confidence and sheer magnificent rhythmic prowess. The guitar is simply breath-taking as it dominates with utter memorability – this is another mind blowing track!

The Anthem of Death

This sets the bait for eager ears in its sneaky riotous breath – the melodic swathe of rhythmic slurry will swamp the aural and continuously gives out a mesmeric and potent groove that fires on all cylinders and again vocally damning in its attention grabbing state moving from low to high in an instant.

Pleasure through Pain

No relaxing in sight here as the bulging and potent tempering melee continues amid a harsh and guttural angriness. It pushes the boundaries and exceeds them through maddening torrid drum beats and sultry licks of bass that tempt with a certain discord.


This album holds a tight rein on the listener’s senses and manipulates feelings of malice and hatred towards them. Its scintillating structures are awash with dramatic tendencies and formidable rhythms.

It vocally intimidates and gives out a shot of venom that will render its victims into submission. The twisting voluptuous temperament of the album sweeps gloriously and enthusiastically through its eight tracks leaving one with a satisfied and rewarding listenable experience.

The tracks all have serious pulling power and are just so easy to engage in and fully focus on. It is like the band have performed an evil spell that attracts its listeners wrapping them up in a sonic weave of imposing menace.

The album cover is also worth mentioning as its angry red cover depicts an angel with claws and so in keeping with the bands brutal onslaught.

This is one superb album that can hold its head up high and boast plenty of brutality and has a keen appetite for full on annihilation - ready to eat you alive!!


Trackk List:
Rage Unrestrained
Generation of Lies
To hell we fall
The Valley of Dementia
The Anthem of Death
Pleasure through Pain


Anthony Dean Hare - Vocals

Dillon Winstanley – Drums

Tim Holloway - Guitar

Trey Hildesheim - Bass - Jeff Grissett


Still working on that hot first release.



Power, anger, and aggression! These words best describe the 4 piece heavy metal band from Mobile, Alabama; Excessum. These young men are on a mission and refuse to let anything get in their way. This is something that Mobile figured out very quickly. Rather than focusing on a trend, Excessum strives to be unique and dominate each city they play in, which has allowed them to turn their local music scene upside down.

     Since hitting the scene three years ago, Excessum has been disgusted with the lack of metal enthusiasm in Mobile. So, they decided to show the rest of the country their music and have played in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware and New York. They also had the priviledge of playing in Austin, TX at SXSW2015. The aggravation also fueled their determination to record two CDs, which both offer something different to listeners. While both albums have their own unique style, they both share a combination of thrash metal acts such as Slayer, Exodus, and Dark Angel; the power and groove of bands like Pantera and Exhorder; and even some of the technicality heard in bands such as Death. Lyrically, the songs cover many different topics but it musically shows listeners one thing, this band is a force to be reckoned with. These two releases have allowed Excessum to become an established band in their local scene, and every city they have played in.

     Excessum is not looking to become the next Pantera or Metallica. They are more focused on proving to the world that they can write and perform heavy metal music. Although the band has many characteristics that make them original, it is their passion and determination that has allowed them to accomplish all that they have in such a short period of time, with plenty more to come.



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