Moscow, Moscow, RUS


The history of Excite band originates in hot and dry deserts of South Kazakhstan, distant asian isle Sakhalin and Moscow suburbs. Thus, the Excite band provides mixture of groundbreaking grooves of rhythm section born in the earthquake-hazardous zone, technically sophisticated hi-voltage sounds of guitar/keyboard tandem and wild voice of smoking hot oriental femina. The name of the band describes its aim, concept of making music and the result meant to be achieved through listening. The Excite musicians shared the stage with The Prodigy and Anthrax, Joe Cocker and Patricia Kaas, Jennifer Lopez and Demis Roussos. What else do we have to say? ... While you are reading this, Excite band is working hard streaming joy, happiness, fun and excitement to you.


World... Trap? Care!

Written By: M. Ksenzenko

Have you ever seen? Dog frightening a child?
Have you ever seen a gun pointing a man?
Have you seen a cop acting whild?
Wanna? Wanna? Wanna see more bullshit again?

Have you ever thought of something bigger than a house?
Have you ever thought of something longer than you miserable life?
Have you ever thought about things you never new about?
Have you ever tried ...

Have you ever walked further than you have to walk?
Have you ever tried to catch those dirty words you ve said?
Have you ever tried to stop on time and look above?
Have you thought of all this things you never had...

And so was I ! I was born like all of us...
What makes you think I'm better and I ever tried?
And so was I ! I was born like all of us...
I watched this screen until I realized.

Hey, hey! We are talking to you!
World is a trap for those who care!

Hey, hey! No one is thinking of you?
Inhumane, insane, unfair?

I want you listen. We are talking to you.

I want you hear - no one thinking of you.


Written By: M. Ksenzenko

We cover day by day the one and only path.
Each cycle we examine all sections, parts and stuff.
In our world we fill the same as our cargo class.
We wait for no one and no one waits for us.

Horizon ends, you see. My shining friends as one
Don't really give a shit for "house of rising sun".
We all accept us all. We nothing have to change.
We never loose the power and never re-arrange.


The clever you who walked the only Earth across
The clever you who think that God is only boss
Have ever one of you discovered something us to show
That could'of help us and that we did not know

Each Time

Written By: M. Ksenzenko

What if your route leads into nowhere?
What if no one will take your hand?

So many stones fell in my yard,
I don't afraid'em any more.

So many fools knocked at my door,
I never lock it... What for?

Each time all things go wrong,
Each time your thoughts are so bad,

Each time... Revenge is pumping.!
Pumping in your head...


What if your life is chasing a ghost?
What if no one will give you smile?

The more I worked with those I hate,
The more they wanted in my bed;

The more complains were on my mind,
The more obscure days I had.

Each time all things go wrong,
Each time my thoughts are so mad,
Each time! Revenge is pumping in my head.


You made me feel 61 -
For most of us all is gone
You made me so sick.

You made me kneel twice a day
You built a fence in ma way
You made me go. Go Away.

I'm telling you. I'm out of it.
I've passed through all my fears.

I'm telling you - forget it.
Last thing I wanna do - is HIDE.

The Day

Written By: M. Ksenzenko

I love my wisper as fresh gale
I love the call of my fate

This time wreath of stars is in my sky
Where is the key to insight

What a day we ll miss forever
What a day will shelter us
What a night
will cover it in vain but show her back for us

Heavenly bodies - get older
Ashes and dust - dry my hands
Signs - overflow stone surfaces
Please, Invite us in

What a day we missed forever
What a day will ever shelter us again
What a night had spoiled it and why
After all we let ourselves complain