Chicago, Illinois, USA

We sing and provide live musical performances (R&B). We also write, produce, and mix for all genres of music. Our goal is to bring back what they consider to be “True R&B” – soulful, heartfelt songs that deal with real life relationship and love issues.


Often tagged as the new-school K-CI & Jo-Jo, when heard, straightway, you WILL recognize that they truly ARE, “Exclusive”. The R&B group, named “Exclusive”, consists of two musically accomplished young men, O.C. & Chaney. This dynamic duo, bred by Chicago’s inner city, uses their diverse singing styles to create a unique, “one of a kind” sound. Carlos Wilder, a music industry professional – producer and engineer – recently stated, “Their latest single, ‘Thirsty’ is a good indicator of what to expect from the new album, as many of the tracks are able to keep up with new artists without losing their original identity.” With immeasurable talent, support from fans, and God on their side this dynamic dyad is destined for success.
Hello world!!! After years of hard work, dedication and determination it’s time for an official introduction. Currently, “Exclusive” is independently working on a project that will mark their debut. This project will be a direct reflection of Exclusive’s skills as vocalist, vocal arrangers, writers, musicians, and producers – true artist. The album which will be entitled “Ex-Factor”, is expected to be available digitally Fall 2009. In preparation for the project’s release, “Exclusive” will be performing locally and promoting the album at various venues, media outlets, and open-mic events. DJ’s are swift to play an Exclusive tune when the ladies want to hear something “Grown and Sexy”.
O.C. & Chaney have been singing since their childhood years. They could always be found singing in church choirs, high school talent shows, or anywhere they were given the opportunity. O.C. & Chaney noticed groups with real talent were being traded for those with a quick hit. Their idea of good music is giving people more than just something to dance to, rather, music in which the listeners could relate. They decided if no one else was going to do it, then they would. These two talented men are the “Ex-Factor” – missing element – of today’s sound and they endeavor to bring back the true essence of the R&B genre. Their unique writing and singing styles can be labeled as contemporary with a hint of old-school soul. Their topics are relevant to what goes on every day in a relationship. In their debut release, you’ll hear lyrics which convey controversial topics, such as “Why I Cheat”, “I Still Love You”, “See You” and “Girl Next Door”.
Exclusive’s goal is to bring back what they consider to be “True R&B” – soulful, heartfelt songs that deal with real life relationship and love issues. Exclusive is currently hard at work presenting material to established artist in the music industry while simultaneously working in other areas of entertainment such as writing for commercials, plays, movies and also doing some acting. As “Exclusive” continues to establish a niche in the entertainment industry they will remain working hard on the “Ex-Factor” project and growing their fan base. Be on the lookout, World! Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to get exclusive with “Exclusive”.


See You - December 2009

Set List

Get Exclusive (Intro) - 2:30
Want I Want - 3:30
Girl Next Door - 4:30
See You - 4:30