excuses for skipping

excuses for skipping

 San Francisco, California, USA

“Imagine if Kevin Shields had produced The Go-Go’s and you’ve got some idea where this Bay Area-based, all-female quartet is coming from. Lush, shoegazey backdrops envelop bubblegum-pop hooks.” -Las Vegas Weekly


Building on early success, the SF based indie quartet, Excuses for Skipping continues to branch out, earning praise for their ability to deconstruct an eclectic mix of shoegaze style ambience, sinuous post-punk guitar stabs, soaring vocals and experimental percussion techniques (sheet metal and bike frames) into compelling textural melodies.

Excuses for Skipping’s debut album, Out of Work Early earned strong reviews and an LA Music Award nomination for best single for the song, Gravity. Using their own inter-relations and pitfalls as a catalyst for crafting a follow up, Tonic for Hysteria (their second studio release) offers up familiar yet unplaceable melodies, instilled with new found confidence and a willingness to stretch the boundaries of old formulas. Tonic for Hysteria, slated for release on May 1, 2011 has already created excitement, as the first single MJ was pre-released in January, 2011 to strong critical acclaim.

Excuses for Skipping’s high energy, live performance has generated a loyal following both locally (Café du Nord, The Bottom of the Hill) and beyond (SXSW, Fabulosa Festival), as they are known for an intense live show that is both unpredictable and inspired. They have shared the stage with such underground luminaries as Scout Niblett, Madigan, Jinny Ooops, Boyskout, Menomena, Bella Vista, French Miami and Elephone.

“On stage and on record, Excuses for Skipping rock with an interesting mix of melodic, shoegazing harmony and ass kicking intensity. Out of Work Early is a great album, but you simply must see them onstage and in action.” -Wiretap Music

“Imagine if Kevin Shields had produced The Go-Go’s and you’ve got some idea where this Bay Area-based, all-female quartet is coming from. Lush, shoegazey backdrops envelop bubblegum-pop hooks.”

-Las Vegas Weekly

“EFS is the type of band that not only pleases the youthful masses of San Francisco on a regular basis, but also inspires and breeds creativity among their peers; a real group of renaissance musicians...”

-Brian Ball, Music Editor, WMO



Written By: Moody/Fortin

gravity hangs like a veil on my eyes
i stayed up all night
just to make it alright
driving around all the sounds in my mind
until the waves crash into me

she opens up the door
a look before she goes
she turns as if to say
come with me

drink from the sky all the blue with my eyes
a perfect sun reflected sea
everything points for me to make up my mind
is it reality
or possibility

looking at myself too critically
then i point my finger and turn it all on you
if i took off my hat would you forgive me
and lose my expectations
what good would that do

look at your watch with that perfectionist pout
i take a bit of your time
you're so put out
what will it take for you to unlace your boots
and just sit down in the mess with me

but it was summertime
it was supposed to be fun
all a sudden the music comes out and it's blacker than dark
and i swim in the shadow of moon in the park
and it's beating me down every day

Out Of Work Early

Written By: Moody/Fortin

In my mind I'm always there
Out of work early

Translate yourself
It's later than you think
Something inside yourself
Will take you over

When i get there
What will be the prize
Will all these feelings
Supercede my concrete mind
And if you love me
Why don't you recognize
The tide will turn us
To be confronted by the night

When i get there
Feeling stretched behind
Will you know me
Will my senses be confined
To empty visions
If i can't feel this pain i'm dead
I guess you're always hungry
When everything is done and said


Written By: Excuses For Skipping

black Heart
red mind
blue Soul
project yourself
sink fist
blood vein
elect yourself
head mess
shirttail out
lost keys
collect yourself
call home
and take one breath
oh ya know you really let yourself go
oh lovesick oh

she's waltzing through the city
collecting your soul
she puts it in her pocket and inside her dresser drawers
she's covered up her mirrors with their black silhouettes
and they saunter round the room as she's sleeping in her bed
so perfect, revolve around the point

"All this time," she said
"Are you strong?"she said
"I'm just fine" she said
as she spirals away

She said,"Hey,
don't hurry back."
i say protect yourself
shoot first, think later
a kiss now
on the cheek
throw chin
over shoulder
shoot me
a last time look
sweep glance
room over
oh you know you really let yourself go
oh lovesick oh

well it was onluy for a second
that i stared into the sun'black stars burned my eyes
from your reflection
shaking rain from your hair
and taking off your look
sinking into me
getting further away
revolve around the point


Tonic For Hysteria - to be released on Vinyl and digital soon!
MJ - single to be released 10/20/10

Out Of Work Early- Full Length Release 2007

regular airplay on LIVE 105 SF

Named in the top 5 indie albums of the year by Insomnia Radio

At The Crossroads: A Benefit For Homeless Youth: compilation CD includes "Gravity" by EFS as well as songs by Rogue Wave, Scissors For Lefty, Betty Seveert, The Faint and Elephone

Gravity: this single is on regular rotation at KZSU, (http://kzsu.stanford.edu/) as well as Insomnia Radio ( www.insomniaradio.net) and Church Of Girl Radio (www.churchofgirl.com)

Set List

Sets generally include tracks from the album plus a few new songs. EFS can play a short 30 minute set or longer. Multiple sets on the same evening are possible depending on the venue. Covers have included songs by Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Rolling Stones, Journey, Queen, Michael Jackson and The Cure