Excutive G's

Excutive G's

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Our music is best describe as not the average music we hear today. We like the crunk music and all the new different styles of music now, but we take pride in entertaining people with music they can relate to. I would best describe our music as a mixture of all the styles of today rolled in one!!!!!


The Executive G's are unique in the fact that we started out under a different name and had more members that we have now. One important factor that Ive learned about the music business is that nothing is as is seems. We went under Rightarm Militia and we were under Rightarm Management which is founded by my son's Godfather. We have been friends and still are friends but the business side turns people against each other. I have a in house studio that we record out of and I moved to a new house and I wanted to get the house fixed up and the sudio was the last thing to be put up. Now the guy who was founder and Ceo of RightArm Management had arranged a couple of shows for us and we had been together 3 years. Once he found out that I was not rushing to put the studio up, he completely changed up on us. He told us that we were not good enough to be under the Rightarm Management group anymore. So he went his way and we went ours. The only thing that hurt was that we had brought this guy into our circle and used his name for our group. And after 3 years of working with this guy, going out we to Orlando FL to complete a demo album. Then to be told we were not good enough to use that name anymore, and I consirdered this guy to be one of my best friends and to hear him say that was hurtful after all we had been through. So we changed our names from RightArm Militia to the Executive G's. And now we have seperated ourselves from him and his entourage and now we are setting up shows and trying to promote ourselves now. I just want to show him that he let the two best artists in his group get away.


We have not released any music other than what we have now. But I working real hard to try to get some radio play

Set List

We have three songs that we now can play on the radio and do very well. Our sets are about 15 minutes and we go all out wether we are being paid or not.