Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

hard hitting, makes people want to mosh, everyone wants more and more, we work hard at what we do, we dont give up on anthing, we love music and our own music we make as a band, we take pride in our songs, we try hard to get our name out and we put our all in when we play


we strated in ealry 2008, steve and pat wrote three songs before ever having a first full practice. everything set off gret, weve played a few shows. Everyone seems to love what were doing. people love the music, love to see us play. the constantly want more. we work hard at what we do. we dont give up on writing til were 100% satisfied with it.


we avent been able to record, all we have are the songs weve played live at shows

Set List

no covers, all original songs
our sets around 30 minutes
2)Savage Loss
3)The River Styx
5)Abandon All Hope
6)Food for the Crows
7)The Battle Song
8)King of Theives