Chicago, Illinois, USA

I'm a outgoing, realistic, creative open minded male vocalists who respects the opinions and the needs of my fans. I try to write songs that my fans can relate too.


My name is Exile375 aka Testimony have been performing since I can remember. I have always written songs that told stories, I would like to make and impact on the world not just using the words that flow out my mouth. There are three reasons why Testimonies impact people. Those who are interested in you and your life, People who can relate to your story. Those who can't argue with fact that your life has been changed.  I have put my heart and soul into writing, singing, and performing. I have helped produced local groups in my area. My dedication and determination inspires everyone I come into contact with sex appeal, talent and hard work is what you get with Exile375 which is the whole package.

I formally performed with Styal and Low Profyle which we appeared on the Apollo show three times and won once. (Test) which I am also known has also opened for artist Mary J. Blige, Mint Condition and Bilail.

In 2012 was the release of my CD "His living Testimony."

2013 the release of my single "Lover's Quarrel."

2014 I was nominated for R/B Artist of the year with the Chicago Independent Music Awards.

2015 the release of my single "Don't Miss.

2015 the Release of the Exile cd.


His Living Testimony cd released in 2012
Lover's Quarrel single released in 2013
Roller Coaster single released in  2013
Boddy single released in  2014

Exile CD released in 2015

Set List

Set list for the Star Bar, Chicago Ridge 2015 Rap/House
2.Love for my city
5.Lose my religion
6.Don't Miss
7.bout that life