Orlando, Florida, USA

During this time of recent musical rarity, Eximio comes to bring more rarity to the music industry. The purpose for this is to aid maintain a sense of goodness in the midst of music. Keeping Jesus Christ first, Eximio is breaking out in the pop scene with metaphorical songs!


Have you ever met someone so different, even their name is different? That's Eximio! Eximio is a three-time Golden Mic Awards nominated recording Christian pop artist and songwriter, who is highly influenced in the hip-hop and electronic dance world.

The highly anticipated debut album titled Red Leather Jacket was released Tuesday, February 26, 2013. This eclectic album features urban pop recording artist from Jahmen Music Group, BenJah, and highly known, veteran rapper, R-Swift, from Rhyme Council Music Group.

This Puerto Rican pop artist has been writing songs since age 7. Songwriting is one of Eximio's first passions.

If you think you've seen Eximio before, it might be because you saw him back-up dancing for N'Klabe, Manny Montes, Funky, or Travy Joe; or you may have seen him acting in a commercial or in theatre productions. Whatever the case may be, get ready to see and hear more of him!

Eximio's live performances are packed with energy, dance, and a lot of bass! Also, live is the only way Eximio will release the messages/meanings behind his intentionally metaphorical lyrics, so be sure to see him live.


Scratch-Single (2012)
Red Leather Jacket (2013)

Set List

Eximio's main set list is:

- "Scratch"
- "Keeps Me Alive"
- "Red Leather Jacket"
- "Rhino On The Road"

The set list differs per event. Also, Eximio takes song requests within his discography.