Exit 12

Exit 12

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Life’s a tease. At first. For what seems like forever. Then you realize. You realize that it all means something. It all ties together. You lose for a reason. You hurt for a reason. You learn what you learn when you learn it for a reason. It will overwhelm you; make you feel; make you try. You can’t avoid it. Emotion takes over.
Music is emotion captured through sound. Its power is immense and undeniable. There is no comparable experience.
Our mission is to effectively capture the emotions in our lives with music, in strong and relatable ways. The troubles we all face give us feelings of anger and frustration; while friends and family can bring us feelings of happiness and satisfaction; and our seemily never ending search for love often leaves us feeling euphoric and blessed, and then lost, confused, alone, and sometimes enlightened. When life feels dark it feels pitch black. When you can see the light it blinds you. Either way, we never know just where we’re headed. It is beautiful and overwhelming.
There is a song to be written for every experience. For every attempt at love. For every friend you meet. For all that you gain, and all that you lose. We are trying to create as much music as we can to compensate for all of the experiences in our lives. When you listen to an exit12 song I hope it strikes a chord in you every time. I hope we can pull those bottled up feelings right out onto the surface of your life. I hope when the song ends, it makes you want to get up and do something. I hope it makes you relax and reconsider. I hope it makes you feel like next time, you won’t hold back.
We don’t care about titles. Genres don’t exist in our world. We take influence from everywhere, everybody, and everything. We like the Beatles. We like the red hot chili peppers, third eye blind, Dave Matthews band, and pink Floyd. The list never ends. We don’t try to emulate anybody or sound any particular way. We just want it to be raw and real. We do whatever we think best suites the mood and meaning of the song.
We want to pick the pieces of your broken heart up off the ground and put them back in your hands. We want to help you rebuild. We want to help you find clarity inside this giant gray mess, and help you see through that dark cloud you keep getting stuck under. We love life. We go through the same stages that everyone else does, and we all need something to help us get through them. Give our music a chance to do that for you. After all, it works for us.
With love and respect,
Exit XII


All Things Considered ...
1. How to Let Go
2. Head in the Clouds
3. Take Me On
4. The Problem at Hand
5. Songs From the Grave
6. The Upside
7. So Much to Say
8. Fool For Love
9. Until You say Die

To Save Us From Silence ...
*Demo coming soon*