Exit 13

Exit 13

 Saraland, Alabama, USA

Exit 13 is a very entertaining band featuring Leanne Crocker and Paul Shuler on Lead Vocals. Our shows really connect with our audience. When we play public venues we have a very large following due to our ability to relate to any age group. We play covers as well as some great original music.


Exit 13 was formed 15 years ago. We've always taken the approach that our job when we entertain is to first have fun together as a band. When we play public venues we have a very large crowd that shows-up everytime. We appeal to all age groups with our diverse song list of Rock & Roll and Pop music. Our original tunes are party, feel good music that makes everyone want to dance.


Recently Exit 13 recorded 3 of it's original tunes. We have had an enormous reaction from our fans and we plan to have a complete collection of Exit 13 tunes by October 15th 2009.

Set List

Our sets are usually broken-up based on the length of our show.

Original Songs:
Ocho Rios
Get It Started
Bayou Boogie
Blues, Beer, and Barbecue
Stone Cold Crazy

Cover Tunes:
Angel from Montgomery/Bonnie Rait
Bring me Some Water/Melissa Ethridge
Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry
Beautiful Wreck/Shawn Mullins
Steal My Kisses/Ben Harper
You Wreck Me/Petty
Mary Janes Last Dance/Petty
Sweet Child/Cheryl Crowe
Fire/ Hendrix
That's Alright Mama/Elvis
Only Wanna Be With You/Hootie & The Blowfish
Gravity/ John Mayer
Meet Virginia/ Train
3 AM/ Matchbox 20
Green River/ Creedence Clearwater Revival
Your Cheating Heart/ Hank Williams
Wonderful Tonight/ Eric Clapton
Can't Always Get What You Want/ Stones
Wild Nights/Van Morrison
Cherry Bomb/Mellencamp
Pink Houses/ Mellencamp
Drift Away/ Dolby Gray
Many, Many, Many More!