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By David A. Brensilver
Lyme Times Staff Writer
The success of Exit 14's debut album "Virtues of Yesterday" can be found in the songs' compositional details.
The band's insistence on layering musically thoughtful foundation seems sincere. It makes performance out of a collection of what could otherwise, and easily, be another just another generic attempt at formulaic pop tunes.
Featuring supporting singer Trent Gerber’s vocals (which don't stray from a comfortable range) and his introspective first person lyrics, Exit 14, a guitar, bass and drum trio - keeps things simple yet interesting from an instrumental point of view.
From song to song, "Virtues of Yesterday" is really a collection of instrumental moments. Drummer Wes Long, bassist Tim Kenniston and his brother, guitarist Jeff Kenniston, play with easy syncopation. Their ensemble playing will tighten up with time. That, in turn, will allow room for more and more instrumental dialogue in their song construction.
"The Best Part About It" is a funky tune that puts on display the unobtrusive, simple syncopations these guys like to use. By adding harmonies at the end to the vocal figure that begins the song, Gerbers offers a nice touch, too, not letting a good idea get redundant.
In keeping with making each song a performance, "What I Believe" is piloted, at the outset, by a bass and drum figure, with rhythm guitar accompaniment. Again, well,. placed vocal harmonies thicken the sound.
"President Kevin” offers some nice style changes and punctuations, but it's the instrumental section that endears. A melodic guitar solo, which offers a different guitar tone than Jeff Kenniston uses throughout the album, is modest enough to let Long's drum breaks speak.
And "I Remember," the album's final track, provides some tastefully over-lapping vocal lines that once again show off the band's dedication to dressing up form.
Overall, "Virtues of Yesterday", which was recorded for RazzRock Records, is a well-produced debut. While the sound of the album is a bit compressed, these young guys are writing songs that offer more color than cookie-cutter, radio-ready pop tunes. It's an admirable effort.
David Brensilver is a former musician who studied at Julliard and played with the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra. - The Lyme Times- Shoreline Publishing


"Virtues of Yesterday"

1. No Way Out
2. Untrue (Streaming Audio Avaliable)
3. Best Part About It
4. Can't Find a Reason
5. November (Streaming Audio Avaliable)
6. What I Believe
7. Last Chance
8. President Kevin
9. Another Chance for You
10. Motivational Teen Bull
11. I Remember


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Taseful Tune Indulgence", is how one particular reviewer describes the music of Exit 14. In fact, a number of listeners and professionals alike have grown to enjoy the catchy tunes and engaging stage performances put on by Exit 14. After more than three years of continuous effort, the four young men who comprise Exit 14 have written over 30 original songs, played a countless number of shows and festivals across Connecticut, have played along side the likes of Ryan Cabrera, The Click Five, Averi, and Blue October (to name a few), and managed to assemble an eleven song collection of well written pop tunes that are now avaliable to listeners.

Exit 14 is a pop/rock band that originally hails from East Lyme, CT. Three years in the making, they have recently made avaliable their first label release called "The Virtues of Yesterday" off of the independent Razz Rock Records label. The album contains eleven completely original tracks produced by Emmy and Tele award winning Pat Keogh, with photography and design done by Country Music Award winning videographer Gerry Wenner. Exit 14 runs in the pop/rock vein with an original sound that can appeal to almost anyone, but sounds like nobody else. CD's are avaliable for purchase at Exit 14 shows, at select record stores in Conencticut, and through the CD Baby and Exit 14 websites.

Exit 14 cites a variety of influences. John Mayer, Vertical Horizon, Rush, Incubus, Steely Dan, and Blues Traveler are a few.