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Exit 22


Exit 22 features acoustic/power/pop/rock with a powerful female vocalist, lead violin player and strong songwriting that is both personal and universal in nature. Exit 22 was a local weekly finalist for the national "Radio Star" talent search through the NY Area on Z100 with their track "Naked".


Exit 22 – it’s not just another stop on the never-ending I-95 highway, but the home of the hot new Acoustic/Power/Pop/Rock act known as Exit 22 and their full-length release, “Trapped In Time”. A powerful female vocalist, a lead violin player and strong songwriting have enabled Exit 22 to break ground in the market and create a buzz with their universal lyrical content and artful musical imagery. The band has set out to combine well-structured songwriting with an array of instrumentation to create the perfect backdrop for Maggie Reinhart’s remarkable vocal presence. With a sound similar to “Pat Benatar meets the Goo Goo Dolls” and “Joan Jett meets Matchbox Twenty”, Exit 22 provides radio-friendly melodies, but with more mature lyrics that are universally identifiable. Bill Jerome of Jerome Promotions raves “[Stop] is very teen-oriented… ready for radio and guaranteed to explode!”

Formed in the summer of 2000 after a chance meeting between Maggie and guitarist Chris Calamera, Exit 22 embarked on an exciting musical journey, adding members Mike Capriotti on lead violin and Matt Krupa to handle percussion duties. A full Internet marketing plan, combined with a college radio and promotional plan has been instated for the band’s release, featuring the intense radio-ready single “Stop”; the ethereal, yet extraordinarily powerful “Day’s End”; and the intimately beautiful ballad “Follow Me Up”. Exit 22 plans to tap the market for listeners who enjoy emotionally satisfying music, similar to the market that enjoys such bands as Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls as well as adult-oriented genres that enjoy melodic rock with a female-fronted flavor.

With two music majors and one jazz minor in the group, Exit 22 has gained an immense knowledge of music theory, with traces of multiple musical styles rooted in their music. “...Excellent musicianship... material is very well written, both musically and lyrically!” (Imagine Records/IMG Marketing Group). With the eyes of a clear-blue sky and the voice of an angel, vocalist Maggie Reinhart is one extremely talented individual who can reach the heart and soul of every listener in the room. Her powerful, emotional, and expressive vocals are a main part of Exit 22’s musical image, while her lyrical content is deeply personal, yet universal in nature. A classical violinist by study, Mike Capriotti has been performing and composing for over ten years. His classical and jazz music majors at Fairfield University, combined with a broad family history of musicianship have given Mike the necessary background to be a stellar performer and creative force. Guitarist Chris Calamera has found a way to combine both brilliant instrumentation and production with universal lyrical content to create music that is passionate, touching and entirely worldly. His attempt to create universal visions of passion, pain, and hope through Exit 22’s tracks have been successful and have helped create a foothold in the market for the band’s music. As a family descendant of jazz legend Gene Krupa, Matt Krupa has followed in Gene’s footsteps, combining areas of rock, jazz, blues and swing into his modern rock/pop percussion styling. His ability to create mood and construct a dynamic relationship through a track have enabled Matt to become a strong studio drummer and a solid fit for a band that prides itself on creating the perfect harmonious background for its lyrical messages. The musicians of Exit 22 possess natural talents that are broad and diverse, but have solidly come together to create beautiful and universally gratifying music. "[Day’s End] shows immense talent, as a focused band should have… a must for anyone with a desire for great music… (RamsMusic.net)

Exit 22’s CD release, combined with their marketing plan provides substantial foundation for the promotion and extension of their music to the world. Killer vocals and instrumentation, combined with personal, yet universal lyrical content help prepare Exit 22 for the commercial market in hopes of conquering a large audience for the long-run.


Naked (With A Memory)

Written By: Reinhart

Naked (With A Memory)

Here I lie unfulfilled, just like every other morning with you
Clutching my windowsill, feeling desperate just to hear something new

But I'm afraid to give in
So sick and tired of fighting
But I have to admit
That your comfort's inviting

Till I roll over...

And I stare at my choices
While the voices I hear
Just remind me how I've wasted a year
I'll always try to look back
But the fact is, I'm here
Hogging covers from reality
Lying naked with a memory

So I give but don't take trying hard to make some magic appear
Then I scream and I fake, but you didn't even bother to hear

Now it seems that I lost
All the games you've been playing
And I know I should leave
But I think that I'm staying

Then I roll over...


We could try to hold on, maybe work a little harder
We could try to be strong, make it last a little longer
But the truth will remain, and we'll strain to probably end up back here, in a year...

Then I roll over...




My Disaster - 2005; Trapped In Time - 2003

Set List

Original Tracks: "My Disaster" + "Trapped In Time"

My Disaster
Where We Began
Bring Me Down
Turn Away
Take Me High
Days End
Follow Me Up
Couldn't Find the Moment
Can't Make You See
After the Carnival
Egyptian Goddess
Goodbye Love

Cover Tracks:

Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses)
I Saw Red (Warrant)
Forever (Kiss)
Hole In My Heart (Extreme)
Angel Of The Morning (Pretenders)
Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Ice Cream Man (Van Halen)
We Can Work It Out (The Beatles)
Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel)
Don't Speak (No Doubt)
Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Talk Dirty to me (Poison)
Strutter (The Donnas)