Exit 43

Exit 43


Get off on Exit 43 - This award-winning rousingly fun-folk/rock/gospel acoustic band with harmonies reminiscent of Crosby, Stills & Nash - Andy,Scarlett,Suzanne, and Ed will keep you mesmerized with their powerfully life-affirming original music, which connects with the heart.


We got together on a November afternoon in 2004 to rehearse.
It was magical. And when you’ve been professional musicians for as long as each of us has, you learn to recognize the magic when it happens! You stand up and pay attention. We noticed how easy it was… how naturally and effortlessly our voices blended to make harmonies…how instinctively the arrangements evolved. Very simply – we had fun and, much to our surprise, we wanted to do more.
Why surprise? We are four different people. We come from differing cultures, musical backgrounds, and experiences; we have differing tastes, preferences, appearances and ways of expressing ourselves. So what keeps us together?
It is the love of music, but not just any music. We, like most people, want to live, work, and create with integrity. We long for a spirituality that is practical and can be realized in our daily lives.. We reflect this in our music. The Reverend Desmond Tutu actually recorded one of our songs - "Prayer" - in South Africa.
We hope our music adds at least 10 years to your life as it has to ours.



Written By: Suzanne M .Sheridan

It’s a dog eat dog world / It chews up your soul / Wants to eat your sweet heart out
so you never find your gold / So many of God’s children, live lives in the cold
They’re all chewed up and spit out
They already feel so old.
Oh I am Hungry, Hungry / For a world filled with peace / I am Hungry, Hungry
for their nightmares to cease
I am Hungry, Hungry / For our love to be felt / Oh I am Hungry, Hungry
For their frozen places to melt.
As the man and the woman / Inside of me war / I am hungry to know peace
down inside my core / It’s a hunger that food can not possibly cure / I am hungry to live my life / Closer to my own heart
Tengo hambre, hambre / De un mundo lleno de paz / Tengo hambre, hambre
de que cesen las pesadillas / Tengo hambre, hambre / De que el amor sea sentído / Tengo hambre, hambre
De fundir los corazones fríos
So come to me shyly / And let your tears flow / And let out all your sadness
So happiness can grow
And I will be quiet / And witness your pain
Come and fill up the sky
With your innocent rain
Words & Music by Suzanne M. Sheridan
© 1994 Passionate Fools Music Publishing Co., ASCAP

Home At Last

Written By: A. J. Gundell

I used to believe in the holy word
I used to believe it was the way
I thought if I was good
And said every prayer I should
I’d get to heaven on Judgment Day
Now I believe the Messiah
Is alive inside of you and me
And everyday I say 'Hallelujah'...
Cause Hallelujah it sets me free, and now
I'm home / Home at Last / I'm finally
Home at Last
I dropped my bags / On the doorstep of the past / And now I’m finally
Home at Last
I leave what’s left behind me
I try not to look too far ahead
Everything I have / Everything I need
Is in my soul my heart my head
And I call this my religion / God’s alive in everything we see / And everyday I sing his praises / For bringing heaven right down here to me, now
Words & Music by A.J. Gundell
© 2005 Smokin’ Gundell Songs, BMI


Written By: Andy Gundell, Julie Gold & James Stewart

Feel the heart of the world
Beating for creation / God
Let our love fall like rain
Drowning all our hatred / Lift us up way up
From all we’ve become
‘Til our souls like soaring birds
Are finally free
Ooooooo, Ooooooo / God
Aah Aah Aah Aah
Lift us up way up / From all we’ve become
‘Til our souls like soaring birds
Are finally free / We’ll be finally free
And when we share unconditionally
You and me / Will be finally free
Hear the voice of the world
Singing from each nation
We’re a brave choir of passionate fools
Who believe it’s still not too late
For love, oh God, hear our Prayer
Lift us up / Lead us back / Back to love
Words & Music by A.J. Gundell/ James Stewart/ Julie Gold
© 2005 Smokin’ Gundell Songs, BMI/Smack!Songs, SAMRO/Julie Gold Music, Cherry River Music Co.,

The Power's In You

Written By: Suzanne M .Sheridan & Lee Kweller

You can turn an empty space into a diamond mine / You can turn a heart of stone, into a valentine / When you feel like nothin’ / Remember nothin’s in your way
All you need is the smile I saw today
The Power’s In You / It was in you all the
time / The Power’s In You / And only you
can make it shine / See your reflection
It’s a strong and gentle light
The Power’s In You / You’ll make it right
When it’s time to face the dark
You call upon a friend / Someone that you can lean on, ‘til the very end
But sooner or later, you know you’ve got to stand alone, in a world
You know you want to make your own
Open up your heart and let your love grow/
Just walk with your head held high/
And let ‘em know that
Words & Music by Suzanne Sheridan / Lee Queller
© 1995 Passionate Fools Music Publishing Co., ASCAP

Between Heaven and Earth

Written By: Andy Gundell and Len Handler

A bombing in the Holy Land / Innocent lives are lost / Bound to be more bloodshed
To even up the cost / There’s peace beyond the bridges / No one dares to cross
Where the answers to our prayers
Dance like shadows in the air…caught
Between Heaven and Earth / I have spent a lifetime / Between Heaven and Earth
Walking on that fault line / Of what Sunday’s sermon promises
And what those words are worth
Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth
A homeless man on Broadway asks
“Can you spare a dime?” / I almost whisper as I pass him by / “I work hard for mine”
Then we bow our heads each evening
And pray at suppertime / “Free our hearts from greed” / But I’ve got hungry mouths to feed… caught
It’s a purgatory kind of place
Where silence is a state of grace
And our worst fears come face to face
With all we try to be… caught
Musib by A.J. Gundell / Len Handler
©1997 Smokin’ Gundell Songs, BMI / Nomor Nine To Five Music, BMI

Solstice Song

Written By: Suzanne M .Sheridan

We gather together on the longest night of the year / The darkest night of the soul
Cave of our darkest fear / We watch for some signs of light / On this the longest night / We long for more love / Now
We long for more light / Now…
If we see the dignity of every child / In our
manger / Then every child born in this world / Will be our saviour (Repeat)
Bringing us our own rebirth / Bringing us a
deeper worth / Showing us that we’re all
one / The true meaning of the rising son,
like the phoenix risin‘ from the ash / With burnin‘ wings she flys so fast / Showin‘ us a deeper path that lasts / Beyond the season
We long for a deeper love / A love that is beyond / Black and white, wrong and right
day and night, dark and light
We long for a deeper a love / A love that makes a bond / Between class, between race / Between nations, between faiths,
We long for a deeper love
A love that makes us strong
This is our Solstice Song / This is our Solstice Song / This is our Solstice Song
Words & Music by Suzanne M. Sheridan
©2008 Passionate Fools Music Publishing Co., ASCAP

When the Day is Done

Written By: Edward Thompson

When the Day is Done, when our deeds are measured, / will there be more love that the heart can treasure? / will there be more love, will there be more love
Will my hunger for some peace be satisfied by deeds / that touched a heart or two or ended someone's need / Will the burning summer sun or the winter’s freezing cold / In some mysterious way help my heart to grow/Help my heart to grow
"What you did to the least of these, so then you did to me." / Will that prophetic truth be what sets me free? / So we touch with eye and hand, with gesture and with word
the place where Spirit comforts still and love is the only Lord, love is the only Lord
Words & Music by Ed Thompson
© 2008 Drawdet Music Publishing Co., ASCAP

Honey You Gotta Live

Written By: Andy Gundell

Honey, You Gotta Live
You gotta give it / all you can give
Years rush by / In the wink of an eye
Honey You Gotta Live
Nothing is certain / There’s no guarantee
No final curtain call / It’s easy to see
And count every blessing / You earn on your way / It’s always a guessing game
But who knows you might
Turn a hundred some day
CHORUS (repeat)
Honey You Gotta Live / Honey You Gotta Live / Honey you Gotta… / Listen to your Grandma / Honey You Gotta Live
Words & Music by A.J. Gundell
© 2003 Smokin’ Gundell Songs, BMI


Written By: Andy Gundell and Len Handler

Bridges / Span the changes of my life
But I sure wish that I knew / When to cross
Bridges / Each beginning is an end / So I’m never sure / of what the trip / Will cost
Bridges to cross / when it’s my turn
Bridges for waiting / until I learn / Bridges I’m bound, to go around / and Bridges to burn
I wonder / Will the dreams I leave behind
Be worth the dreams I find / Waiting there for me / Bridges / Give no guarantee
Cross over and find out / What I can be
Bridges / Span the changes of my life
Words & Music by A.J. Gundell / Len Handler
©1991 Universal Songs of Polygram International, Inc/BMI

White Dove of Peace

Written By: Suzanne M .Sheridan

I am The White Dove of Peace / I can’t fly free / Above the Middle East / For I’ve seen things / That make these wings / Fly me to my home / Fly Me to Shalom
I’ve seen my brothers and my sisters
in the deserts of distrust / In their hearts
they have barbed wire / On their minds are tanks and guns / All the stories show the evidence of / How each side was wronged
As the Promised Land’s / Left in the dust
They build their fences / High between them / So high that they can’t see
All the pain and the suffering / Their separation brings / You cannot enslave your brother / If you want your people free
The children have done nothing wrong,
Why not let them be
And if you have a heart / That can hear the children crying / And if you have the eyes
That can see people dying / And if you say a prayer / To any God at all / Please listen well, you might / Hear my (hear my) hear my call…..
Oh, people of the world / Please hold a vision of Shalom / Of a world that lives in
peace / In a place where justice grows Where every child has what they need Peace is what we’ll sow
When we show that we are one
The White Dove will come home
I am the White Dove of Peace
I WILL fly free above the Middle East…
Words & Music by Suzanne M. Sheridan
© 2007 Passionate Fools Music Publishing Co., ASCAP


http://cdbaby.com/cd/exit43music ( can hear the tracks)
exit43.net a few samples here

Set List


1) Hungry (o)
2) Teach Your Children (c)
3) Home at Last (o)
4) Question (o)
5) Put A Little Love (c)
6) Big Yellow Taxi (c )
7) Heaven & Earth (o)
8) Solstice Song (o)
9) Prayer (o)
10) White Dove of Peace (o)
11) Down by the Riverside (c)
12) Freedom (c)

1) Blackbird (c)
2) The Power's In You (o)
3) When the Day Is Done (o)
4) Light of the World (o)
5) Holy Now (c)
6) Ode to Billy Joe (c)
7) Bridges (o)
8) Love Can Build A Bridge (c)
9) I'm Not Ready to Make Nice (c)
10) Lean On Me (c)
11) Honey Ya Gotta Live (o)


12) Home at Last Reprise (o)