Exit 451

Exit 451

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Exit 451: Montreal’s (Canada) pop rockers with a mesmerizing twist
Official Web Site: www.exit451.ca


The existence of Exit 451 has come about through some long-term musical relationships, much hard work and an in-depth knowledge of the music industry. Exit 451 is the brainchild of three founding members: Alain Avon (guitar, piano, arrangements), Martin Avon (bass, arrangements), and additional musicians to complete the group (drums, additional guitars, etc.)

In 1990, brothers Alain and Martin Avon founded what was to become one of Montreals most popular underground bands: Imaginary Steps. In 1991, they released a successful pop-rock album entitled Maybe Tomorrow (featuring the single The More I Learn). The success of this recording led them to play in New York, and made the charts around the world; it also gave them the opportunity to support major bands in many venues. Then, in 1993, they released the critically acclaimed alternative rock album What Good Will it Do, and played more shows than ever before.

In the following years, despite losing their lead singer, the brothers continued to write original music, worked in many professional recording studios until 1999. The next years were critical for the three musicians. In 2001, management difficulties became quite the issue and the bands unity was put to the test. Despite everything though, they still believed they had something to say as a musical trio. The problem was getting the proper support to go on and release the music they were recording.
The year 2004 was a turning point in the trios career. Along with a new partner, they re-opened a famous recording studio in Montreal under a new name: The Bank Studio 451 (www.studio451.ca), today one of the best recording facilities in America. It took years of hard work to bring the studio back to its glory. Then, in 2008, the trio decided it was time to go back to writing music and they started to work on the album of their dreams. In 2009 they became Exit 451 and hired producer Mark Howard of Daniel Lanois crew to record a very original and hypnotic pop-rock album, The Sea Above the Sky. This album was made possible thanks to the implication of The 451 Recording House label in the project.

The recording of the album was a totally new experience for the band. Steve Nistor (who played with Daniel Lanois, Robert Plant, Steve Albini, etc.) contributed to all the different grooves (from funk, dub, rock and even reggae). Mark Howards method consists of capturing the musicians essence and spontaneity by destabilizing him on every take. Howards unique musical instinct and ear for melodies lead him to create new and unheard of musical atmospheres, every time. The album was recorded at The Bank Studio 451 on a 96 channels SSL console (9000J) as a band without any superficial alterations in order to capture and hold the natural feeling of a real vintage recording session. All 10 tracks were carefully chosen to embark the listener on an exceptional musical journey. This album is a poetic invitation to travel, to dream and to reach out for ideal love. With its catchy melodies, thoughtful poetry and inspired arrangements, this album is the one Exit 451 band members were dreaming of making.


You Exist

Written By: Exit 451

Slip into the water
And feel your breath taking over
It's now time to let go

You can leave it all
Set yourself free
You can leave it all
And follow your feeling

Go into an empty space
And claim your place… claim your place
Come back now
And listen to your soul


Release the fear
Try once more
Let it all go away
Take all the time that you need


Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Written By: Exit 451

Why do you feel that the horizon's calling ?
How do you know what it's saying to you ?

Find it all
There's trust in my eyes
Seek it all
And follow your calling

Now that you're gone where the sea meets the sky
The waves are leading you away
Now that you're gone where the sea meets the sky
Will you ever come back to me?

Now, have you learned why the horizon called you ?
Now, can you say, what it whispered to you ?

Forget it all
See the sadness in my eyes
Forget it all
And come back to me


You asked me to trust the light
Beyond the evening gates
A new land could be found
Where the sea meets the sky
All I feel is my failing faith
Will you ever come back to me?… Will you ever come back to me?

Morning Star

Written By: Exit 451

Morning light shines through my window
I lie awake in the reflections
Remembering when everything was precious
When each moment was a revelation

You are my morning star
I'm awake / Can't dream without you
You are my morning star
I'm awake / Can't dream without you

Your perfect light illuminates
All the things I would never really notice
Now I can see what couldn't be seen
Except by the eyes of the Universe


We made our plans for eternity
Every moment was you and me
Now that you've gone away from me
Your light still shines to me


Somewhere in the Ocean

Written By: Exit 451

The seals are broken
The water is leaking in
All hope is falling
Into the well of despair

The desperate captain
Barely hides his shame
His officers tell him
It is his duty to stay calm

Somewhere in the ocean
Hearts are failing
Somewhere in the ocean
All speech is vain… calm down

The spirits are frozen
Like suspended in time
A secret
A silence
An untold


Somewhere in the ocean
A ruptured sub lands
At the bottom of the deep
A ship lands in Atlantis


Somewhere in the ocean…


Exit 451 Debut album: 'The Sea Above the Sky' (2010, SOCAN)
Produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Howard
Recorded and mixed at The Bank Studio 451
Mastered at Lurssen Mastering
Artwork by Marc Bessant
Commercial radio single: Where the Sea Meets the Sky
College radio single: Morning Star, You Exist
Digital distribution: Believe Digital (www.believedigital.com)
Physical distribution: www.exit451.ca