Exit 48

Exit 48


We are a band out of Lincoln Nebraska. We play poppy-punk music. This is our passion, dream, and life. We try to write the best songs we can about the best things we can.


Exit 48 is a 4-piece made up of 4 friends who all have one thing in common. They love to play music and dream about playing tons of places and meeting so many people. They play a style similar to Green Day, Blink-182, and New Found Glory.They take it farther with a good attitude and a element of friendship and childishness that makes it easy to love them. They write songs about current events, teenager angst, girls, having fun and doing what you want. They are just 4 guys who love to play for anyone willing to hear.


No Trust DEMO 2007
Bridge Jumping DEMO late 07
Academy of Rock Comp. early 08 Sick Romance
Passion Singles late 08
Some songs streamed on our myspace

Set List

Depends on how long we have to play.
Normally a 30-45 min show = 8-9 songs
We can do more if needed

Sick Romance
Fad Pageant
I Don't Want to Grow Up
No Trust
Wake UP
Friday Night
Passion NOT Fashion
Bridge Jumping