We are a band of brothers. Our Music is a heavy blues rock. With a knack for memorable hooks in the melodies and lyrics. Written from the Heart Just about anyone can find something familiar in one of our songs. It'll Only take 45 seconds to get you tapping your feet and singing along.


We are a Band of Brothers. We have been playing together since spring of 2002. We are primarily a Bar/ Party Band with a lot of fun Cover tunes. The original music We right is very personal and we are very proiud of it. Our Influences very greatly from one band member to another. Kieth is the old school Metal Head. Metalica. ect. Eric is influence by everything most recently by Arron Lewis of staind Mark again likes everything. He goes for everything from RAP to Insance clown pose to Puddle of Mudd or God Smack. Sean Is a Metallica Guy. Who also likes Match Box twenty, or just about anything that will make a woman dance. We really are all about having fun.


We haven't realeased anything yet. Infact any demos you have heard are just crued home recordings..

Set List

We currently play almost all covers -
we play one original in each set.
We usually play three sets of approx 45- to 1hr
we play everthing from classic rocks to current heavy hits.. ex..
Living after midnight - Judest Priest
No Fiary Tales- Exit-7
Pictures Of You - Exit-7
Forget About it - Exit-7
Keep Away - Godsmack
Creep - Radiohead
Push - Matchbox twenty
Back to good - Matchbox Twenty
Just Like you - Three Days grace
Simple Man - Lynerd Skynerd
I wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
Once Bitten - Great White

and approx 40 other songs..