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St. Louis, Missouri, United States

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Rock Metal




"Exit 714 wants to make the album you deserve!"


All our fans are demanding a second album! The only problem is we are broke!(Isn't everybody?) Help us by pre ordering yours!
Launched: Mar 5, 2012
Funding ended: Apr 4, 2012

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We are Exit 714, a hard rock act out of St.louis Mo. We have been rocking the local scene for the last four years or so. We want to record a new album and it costs a lot! We are chasing our dreams and the money we make with ticket sales or playing bars does not cover the thousands that we spend of our own money to make the Exit 714 machine run. Here is where you the fan comes in. We are constantly asked by all our fans and friends "What can i do to help you guys?" Well the answer is the only thing you can do is to fund us recording a new album, and make it become a reality! Essentially when you pledge $10 or more you are just pre ordering an album! When you do this you are part of the Exit 714 family that has helped us get this far already! If we do reach our goal,and exceed it all the extra money will be used to record more tracks on the album or to tour some more and spread the word of Exit 714. THANK YOU AND BELIEVE! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Exit-714/322691383853
- Kickstarter.com

"Exit 714 to open for Hed 2 Hed tour (HED PE and Mushroomhed) at Pops!"

Exit 714 has been named as openers for the HEd 2 HED tour at Pops! - Do 314 What to do in St. louis

"Congrats to Exit 714 for winning the battle to play 105.7 The Points Ho Ho Show!"

congrats to EXIT 714 and CONNIBAL ROAD who finished at the top of the voting in 2nd and 3rd place - They'll be playing our HOHO show with GREEK FIRE, BROOKROYAL, and KILLER ME KILLER YOU on December 17th.

- 105.7 the point

"Exit 714 is one of 20 finalists for Guitar Center's Onstage with Slash!"

Exit 714 is one of 20 finalists for Guitar Center's Onstage with Slash! - http://pix724.blogspot.com/

"Wentzville's Exit 714 Is A Finalist For The Charter Center Stage Battle Of The Bands"

Exit 714 finished third in the country in this contest! - http://www.riverfronttimes.com/

"Congratulations to Exit 714 winner of Battle for Pointfest!"

Congratulations to EXIT 714 Exit 714 won the final Pop's Local Show "Battle for Pointfest" and will be the opening act for Pointfest on September 10. - 105.7 the Point


Still working on that hot first release.



We are Exit 714, comprised of 5 hardworking professionals with a hunger to succeed in today's music environment! We are all in our 20's, have no wives, or children. Our backgrounds are in financial services, industrial business management, and business administration. We are from St. Louis, MO, but have lived all over the U.S.
This band is based on good times, real situations, and true rock and roll! The dedication and inspiration we possess comes from the reaction of watching family, friends, and fans jam to the music! We construct music the listener can relate to and visualize. From the start we have been inspired by so many different bands ranging from Pink Floyd to Rage Against the Machine. Junk Deals our first studio album was released February of 2010, recorded at Trailer Studios! Junk Deals is comprised of 12 diverse songs with a taste of musical flavor anyone from any age can enjoy! From the intense F.U.B.A.R to the melodic Make Me, you can tell we have no musical boundaries, no rules for writing, and truly have a totally different sound. We were not formed, we did not all go to school together, our band has a great history of how the pieces came together! We are very real when it comes to business, we practice 4 days a week, every week to change our shows and consistently raise the bar! We love live shows, so we strive vigorously to create an experience, an escape from your day, a real live rock show. WE ARE ENTERTAINERS!