Exit 72

Exit 72


This Raleigh, NC based Rock group is driven by a pure addiction to music and is able to captivate audiences everywhere with their explosive and passionate delivery of the music they love.


Exit 72 fuses together ground shaking rhythms with passionate lyrics. The band puts an emphasis on creating a dynamic in their music, with melodic verses and crashing choruses. In the end, their goal is to have their listeners feel every ounce of emotion that has been poured into the writing of each song.

Exit 72 completed an outstanding four song demo with producer Ian Schrieir at Oscillia Studios in 2005. After a year of breaking in new material and gigging the local circuit it was time for the full album.
Exit 72 is currently recording a full length album, "Cold Reality" with Studio 313. It is week 3 (about 85 hrs in) and it is going absolutley great.
Exit 72 will be playing the East Coast circuit in 2007. We look forward to rocking out at a venue near you! C-ya Up Front!



Ed, Still You Run, Closure, Sky

Set List

On Average we will play an hour and a half show of all original songs (15 songs). We do have a small library of covers that we can fill in time with, but that is only for the longer shows that require 3 hrs of playing time.

So here we go. This is the Album... in a nut shell:

1. Hide Away- Solid song, Hard Rock, usually our opener
2. Talk To Me- Catchy song, the vocal medoly is fantasic in this one.
3. Closure- This is the sing along rock song, nice singable chorus complimented by a great story
4. Better Place- This is our mellow song. The story is about how good was and is.
5. Cold Reality- Hope you like to shake it..Rock you can dance to????
6. ED- Fast, grabs you from the beggining and never lets go!
7. Fade- Our Rock Ballard, powerful voice and guitars in this one.
8. Skky- All about Redemtion, this one is a roller coaster that you'll love!!
9. Tongue Groove - Yeah, you won't even know what hit you. Forget what you know about rock and enjoy!!
10. Ameri