Exit City has formulated time signatures like 5/4 and 6/8 into a mainstream version of alternative rock that grabs the attention of not only the general listener but also of seasoned musicians.


Exit City was formed, mere months after guitarist Bryan Anderson found singer Tim Oliver through a classified ad.

Exit City's solution leans a little bit both ways. Their goal is to cook up songs that go down smooth despite complex ingredients. They create mainstream rock tunes that could flourish on the radio but surprise seasoned musicians with their subtle complexity. With a combination of schooled and self-taught musicians, they seem capable of crafting such music.

Sometimes the band aims to bring the convoluted time signatures of Tool and Dream Theater to a mainstream framework, but their greatest musical success comes from keeping it simple and deviating ever so slightly from expectations. The inventive drum patterns in the verse of "November Rain" (not a Guns N' Roses cover) or the interplay between the guitar and vocal melodies in the ballad "Better Off
Without You" come to mind.


Better Off Without You (99.7Blitz)Local Columbus
Chains (99.7Blitz)Local Columbus
Falling (99.7Blitz)Local Columbus

Exit City Radio add (Now Airing)30Sec.

Set List

On The Ground (Original)
Better Off Without You (Original)
Falling (Original)
Chains (Original)
Now That Your Gone (Original)
November Rain (Original)
Dont Cry (Original)
Anymore (Original)
Draw The Line (Original)
Crash (Original)

1 Hour Set with some covers (Rock/Alt)