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Exit From Entropy

Thousand Oaks, California, United States | INDIE

Thousand Oaks, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"Exit From Entropy at the Canyon Club"



Current June 2009 Issue MusicConnection.com


Players: AJ Anagnos, lead guitar vocals; Tyler Holsclaw,
lead/rythym guitar; Kevin Kountz, bass backing vocals;
Tesh Hathasinge, lead/rythym backing vocals;
John Anagnos, drums

Material: Though Exit From Entropy is an ensemble of young players,
their music takes you back to the days of Iron Maiden and Metallica.
Also thrown in the mix are hints of Audioslave and Dream Theatre.
The songs rock hard, yet are very melodic, like Black Sabbath and Dio
where heavy distortion lays overtop classical style melodies. A real
standout song in the set is "Kill For You," which has a mainstream rock
feel to it and is one of those songs you find yourself humming
long after the show is over.

Musicianship: The Exit From Entropy Players are all outstanding musicians
who have what it takes to make this metal music work. Their knack and
aptitude push the envelope, adding to the resolve and determination in every
song. AJ has a rock style yet melodic voice that suits the material, and his
dueling guitar solo work with fellow lead guitarist Holsclaw is a real treat.
Drummer, band leader and brother, John Anagnos keeps tight and taut
rhythm that is speed metal ready, yet interesting and pleasant, which balances
out the entire sound of Aces High.

Performance: Aces High boisterous performance kept the crowd pumped
throughout the set. All the members complimented the hard-edged nature of
their music by a contributing powerful performance. AJ was an effective front
man while drummer Anagnos offered a fitting backdrop of time keeping with
vigor and passion.

Summary: Talented and well rehearsed, Aces High know how to dominate
a stage and handle a crowd. The band's manic energy and traditional classic
metal sound come together for an exceptional live show. - Ann O'Neary

- Music Connection

"Exit from Entropy Soars Over competition"

Exit From Entropy Soars Over Competition On Mp3.com.au In Impressive Debut

Url: http://aceshighmusic.com
Sound: http://www.mp3.com.au/PlayASX.ASP?id=143903&Stream=96&File=Test.asx
In their first 4 weeks on mp3.com.au, the popular Australian download and internet radio charting site, Thousand Oaks, CA rock and roll outfit Aces High debuted at #1 in the Power Pop category with their catchy debut single release "Shades of Gray" which has remained at #1 for 4 straight weeks only dipping to #2 in it's 3rd week momentarily, but then shooting right back up to #1 over the 4th of July.


This impressive debut for a relatively unknown band releasing their first professionally recorded song from their upcoming self-titled CD proves that their music has some staying power in the fickle music industry.

Says promoter and MusicDish contributor
Cowboy Surfer, "many times fans come to a new bands page and listen to the music and move on to the next one. But for Aces High to achieve #1 status and hold if for their first 4 weeks says to me that fans are coming back and listening to the music again and again solidifying the bands status as a young up and coming rock and roll outfit that is ready to take the next step and tour to their new found legion of fans. I think they would be excellent candidates for the small stage at festivals like the Warped Tour. Their music appeals to a younger audience and they would fit right in with that scene."

- Cowboy Surfer


With the Release of the new E.P. Birth By Fire recorded by producer Geza X. The band has been receiving airplay from 95.9 the Octupus, 88.9 KXLU, jango airplay, and Locals only AM 1400

Aces High's self titled Debut Album is out! Featuring the number 1 hit that crashed the shores of Australia for 12 weeks straight Shades of Grey! Shades of Grey is currently streaming on the charts of mp3.com.au



With the release of our self titled debut Album last September, the band has had remarkable success. After Winning at the Rock City News Awards as best alternative band of 2007 last December, the band won at the Maverick Awards as Best Live performance of 2008. Off the debut album, "On Thin Ice" has been nominated as Song of the Year in Metal. "If you Hear" has been nominated as the Song of the Year for Hard Rock, and lastly the bands debut album has been nominated for best production of a full length cd. The band has had unbelieveable chart success on mp3.com.au. As "Shades of Grey" held the number 1 spot in power pop for 12 weeks straight. Several of the bands other songs have done well in the charts such as "On Thin Ice", "Shattered", and "If you Hear". They have all held spots within the top five in there categories. Exit From Entropy is sponsored by HALO guitars in Cupertino California and has there debut cd in Best Buy stores throughout the southern california region. The band has shared the stage with acts such as Exodus, The Misfits, Yngwei Malmsteen, and Wildchild. Currently the band is working on new material that will be released on an EP this coming spring. The newest single "Where's the world now" has been capturing the attention of well known producer Geza X who produced the Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag and Alanis Morissette. The band has contacted by Gesea X to do a three song EP this coming winter. In addition the new single has also grasped the attention of Independent Label President Marcel Anton of Powerline Records Recently the band has begun working on music videos as well as a TV mini series called Aces High TV. Each episode is posted on youtube.

One thing about the band that im very proud of is that we have a unique sound. And in that we sound like a cross between Bullet For My Valentine and Alter Bridge. Our influences are in classic rock and old school metal. Bands like; Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, Iron maiden, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Audioslave, Boston and many more have heavily influenced our musical style. Were not trying to fit in with what is currently popular or follow some trend in music. We are true to our sound. The bands goal was to find a sound that was unique only to us and no one else and we did! Bringing back some of the musical intregity that exists in classic rock and combining it with the melodic and catchy muisc of today.

Exit From Entropy
Posted December 2nd, 2007 by Kyrby Raine
Categories: Kyrby Raine, The Foundry (Metal), Music

There is hope for the youth of America after all.

Just when you think that every suburban teen is picking up a guitar to scream like the millions of other emo acts out there, out pops Exit From Entropy with a classic-rock sound that predates their diaper days. Even better, this is a group that not only recalls ’70s FM rockers but could’ve existed within that decade.

Exit From Entropy aren’t just about shredding their guitars, either; this group is surprisingly disciplined, already knowing when to crank it and when to reign it in. “In Your Eyes” opens with dramatic, broodingly mellow riffs a la Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” before picking up steam, recalling Blue Oyster Cult (must be a favorite of the band) once again. “On Thin Ice” and “Shades of Grey” offer polished post-grunge rock that actually kick ass, not the wussy watered-down variety that the genre has become infamous for.

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'Aces High'

- Genre: 'Rock' - Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
It should be no surprise that the fresh-faced Aces High (http:///www.ExitFromEntropy.com) know how to turn up the knobs. That's the easy part, and you expect that from a group of young men with guitars. But Exit From Entropy aren't just about volume; in fact, their self-titled debut isn't as aggressive as you might expect from such youthful rockers. These lads are actually quite tuneful, delivering a collection of AOR-fueled numbers that showcase a new band on the rise.

Exit From Entropy have studied the genre well. They are well-versed in the legends such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Blue Oyster Cult and more contemporary rockers like Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Silverchair. Because of their adolescent features, you know a Silverchair comparison would be just around the corner. Sure enough, "On Thin Ice" and "Shades of Grey" wouldn't have been out of place on Silverchair's debut with their melodic Kurt Cobain-ish vocal harmonies and grungy leads. But these guys do it better than most, injecting a '70s-baked guitar-hero attitude amidst the teenage angst. "Breaking Rose" has slamming Metallica-esque power chords that should wake up the neighborhood while "Shattered" exposes some stunning versatility, shifting from an R.E.M. mid-tempo jangle to crunchy hard rock. Wow.

I'm curious to see how Exit From Entropy will evolve on future recordings. Right now, cheers to a solid