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"Enter: Exit Ghost"

It would be hard to classify the post-hardcore and new wave rock sound of Exit Ghost into one musical category, for that would never do their music justice.

The synthesized resonance of their introductions and interludes have mystifying qualities about them, differing from the purely rhythmic sounds of their singles. Adorned with impressive guitar riffs, drum sequences packed with rim shots and double bass, and the distinct and intricate bass lines, Exit Ghost’s music is hardly lacking in musical perception and varies in each and every song.

Lyrically, the band strategically incorporates their melodic harmonies among the hardcore variations within each song. Ian Bates [guitar, vocals] has a quirky, sardonic presence about him while announcing the various songs performed. His eccentric muses on stage are only aided by the presence of fellow band mates Sean Baker [drums] and Nathan Whitehouse [bass].

While Sean’s mind-boggling skills at drums keep viewers and listeners mesmerized, Nathan’s rather shy approach to his mad bass-playing skills are soon diminished by his incredible ability to move across stage in rhythm encouraging the audience to dance all the more.

A crowd could not ask for a more energetic presence than that found in the members of Exit Ghost. Hair flips, guitar-swinging, and insane dancing aside, this band knows how to keep a crowd on their feet.

The mystical qualities of Exit Ghost’s interludes keep the crowd enticed and wanting to hear more even as their songs provide the beat and vigor to dance and sing along to.

J. Daher - Sachem Scribe

"Exit Ghost - How To Draw A Walrus"


A Post-Hardcore/Experimental-influenced band from Hebron, Connecticut.

How Is It?

Ok, to start off, I need to clarify something. This EP has nothing to do with a walrus. That doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a listen though. It starts off with sounds that you would hear in a bomb shelter back in World War II, then the guitarist enters with a fast riff to get things started. Vocalist Ian Bates then brings it down with a soothing melody. You'll hear plenty more of this through out How To Draw A Walrus, although his voice can become very dull throughout the EP. The title track showcases a wonderful mix of the musicianship of Exit Ghost and Bates' well-crafted lyrics. In fact, he does a very good job with the lyrics through out How To Draw A Walrus. The acoustic track, "Orestes," is the most outstanding track on the EP. "When You Run Out Of Things To Burn...," is a slow track and has an ambient feeling that is reminiscent of Thrice. The last track on How To Draw A Walrus, "Queen of the Sea," is fast and is well-constructed.

Exit Ghost has excellent musicianship and I think it would sound better if the production on How To Draw A Walrus was better. But what can you expect from an unsigned band? ... - Absolutepunk.net


36 Hours EP, How To Draw A Walrus EP



Exit Ghost was born from the ashes of singer/guitarist Ian Bates and bassist Nathan Whitehouse's previous band, White Sky. Several months after the split, the two reunited and began experimenting with making music again.

They began tracking the drafts of songs that would soon be known as, ‘City of Ice’ and ‘Bellamaris’. Wanting to take things further, the two began their search for a drummer. It was then that they asked fellow schoolmate, Sean Baker, to join in their project. With his acceptance, the wheels of Exit Ghost really began turning.

Exit Ghost hit the ground running, constantly writing new material to hand out at the local music scenes. The night of their first CD release, the band sold more than 50 copies of their ten song EP. With a newfound confidence in their abilities, the three continued to play shows and work on their second wave of material.

In June of that same year, Exit Ghost entered the studio to record their first studio-quality EP, “How to Draw a Walrus”. Once again their new album was met with praise and acclaim from the local music scene.

Ian Bates now attends classes at the University of Hartford, while Nathan and Sean can be found in Amherst, MA attending Hampshire College and University of Massachusetts, respectively. Though the three are separated by about fifty miles, sheer distance has not been enough to keep the three from expanding their material. Exit Ghost remains an active music group that is currently working on their next EP.

Please go to www.myspace.com/exitghost for a more updated calendar, music, and other goodies.

They can be contacted at exitghostbooking@gmail.com