Exit 9

Exit 9

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Exit Nine the newest country act in the Metro area Playing all of your favorite country songs some new and some old!


The Trinity Effect is an acoustic driven, Christian band out of the Louisville, Kentucky area. The sound includes an acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. The Trinity Effect was born through a chance encounter between old classmates, Jenn and Neil, while attending the same church. The two quickly decided to combine their talents and create music. Not long after the duo began, a search for more musicians was set in motion in hopes of fulfilling the band’s sound. It wasn’t long before two other members of the church were added, Kyle and Jordan. The Trinity Effect plays a variety of venues including, but not limited to, schools, camps, conventions, and universities. Typical Trinity Effect concerts are a blend of original music along with a few covers.


have a track streaming online at www.myspace.com/exitninemusic

Set List

3 hours of good country music.