exit: pursued by a bear
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exit: pursued by a bear

Cork, Munster, Ireland

Cork, Munster, Ireland
Band Alternative EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Murphy's Live"

Exit: Pursued By A Bear - The mainly experimental and electronic outfit instantly look the part on stage and appear to be feeding off the amiable and growing crowd. With Sigil and Squirm opening their set it is evident that, with their tendencies to flit from electronica to post rock moments, these guys are trying to formulate something new and highly experimental out of tried and trusted genres. Midway through the set the forthcoming debut Single The Wine She Drinks (out April 27th) begins with catchy electronic beats complimented by groovy bass lines surrounded by a chill out backdrop combined with excellent vocal build up.

The crowd are now swaying to Exit: Pursued By A Bear’s hypnotic rhythm and revelling in their ability to keep things hot once sufficiently warmed up. By the time their final track of the night No Transcending echoes out in a loop throughout the venue the atmosphere is one of the most exhilarating experienced in An Bróg in quite some time. If you see Exit: Pursued By a Bear coming to a venue near you then mark it in your diary as they are guaranteed to entertain. drop D - ezine. Feb 2007 - Drop D


Run for the Forest - 2004
Procession - 2006

The Wine She Drinks
You can download Procession and "The Wine She Drinks" from iTunes.

You can download both EP's from www.exitpursuedbyabear.com and listen to new tracks at www.myspace.com/exitpursuedbyabeartheband


Feeling a bit camera shy


Exit: pursued by a bear count political and social satirists and expositors of sin, William Langland and Dante Alighieri as influences as well as the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, James Joyless and other handsome radicals. The music, which began as a direct response to a series of uncomfortable silences and lulls in conversation has become the soundtrack to an investigation of the human condition. Every time the group meets it feels like a landmark in thinking, let alone music. Exit: pursued by a bear ring their collective tongue around the circumference of human experience, cleansing the anima and drowning the persona.

The group has attracted interest from A and R people (Amish and Rastafarians) from both home and abroad, but is presently cautious about erecting any specific cultural or religious flag to their metaphorical mast. In short, the group is not quite ready to lay themselves bare.