Exit Stranger

Exit Stranger


Exit Stranger is an energetic Modern Rock band with sounds resembling Muse to 30STM and more. The band has a truly original, yet familiar sound, drawing attention from all kinds of Rock fans. As a hard working band, we are committed to doing what it takes to make it to the top.


Exit Stranger started out when Andre(Guitar, ex SILEX drummer/songwriter) and James(Vocals, ex Not My Dog vocalist) began to jam on acoustic guitars back in 2004. With both of them having a firm background in rock music, James' melodies and lyrics just seemed to compliment Andre's songwriting perfectly. The band only really started to gain momentum this year(2008),after Andre recruited his younger brother, Werner, to take up the bass and join the band. Audition after audition went by, but eventually the band found Cordier, a merciless drummer, hitting his way into the band.

Exit Stranger's sound is an interesting mix of rock, alternative and metal. Each song is melodic with vocals resembling Alice In Chains or Soundgarden, while the music keeps on drawing you in with beautiful verses and driving choruses like Muse, Staind or HIM. The lyrics speak of the state of society, relationships and the effect it has when these things aren't taken care of.

The band is currently busy recording their debut album at Montana Studios in Pretoria and will be finished early 2009. As a result, the band is not gigging that often at the moment, and will be playing alot from November onwards. Gigs Exit Stranger has done includes Zeplins and Rock Shack Centurion Birthday Festival. The song "Idiot Control Box" receives regular airplay on Barney Simon's show on Tuks FM.


Forthcoming album in 2009 (untitled as yet)

Set List

+/- 45 Min Set

Idiot Contol Box
Alcolholic Love
Ending is a killer
Addiction in June
Virgin White
She's called temptation
Dog damn tired