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The best kept secret in music


"Local Band EXIT Signs Record Contract"

Paulding may have another set of stars to shine in the music world to go along with the likes of Travis Tritt and Patty Loveless. Word is that the local Christian Rock band EXIT has signed a major record label recording contract on April 13th with Fervent Records of Nashville, TN.

EXIT, led by front man Jason Foust, has been on a journey with God and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. With Jason out front singing and playing keyboards, Jon Stanley on his 1960 Gold Top Les Paul, Mitch Brooks on bass, and Chris Lindsey on drums, these guys pack a powerful punch that have been entertaining local audiences since they came together in 1999.

Many suggest that their music is reminiscent of Matchbox20 and Train. Their bio states, EXIT "forms a musical collage, combining their individual dreams, inspirations, and special abilities, resulting in a very unique and captivating sound all their own."

"These guys rock," is the buzz that local music fans say when describing EXIT. That was evident to all concerned attending the set for the West Ridge Church's youth event in the EPHS cafeteria March 28th -- the event reviewed by this reporter.

"Sweat was rolling off their heads, they were playing their hearts out and the seventy youth in crowd were totally down," Philip Wehunt.

That night was a special life changing experience for the band. Executives from Fervent Records were among the audience; there to see what these guys are made of and what they saw they liked.

"The band knew in preparation for the make or break event they had to strap on their seatbelts and get ready for the ride," said Amanda Marshall, the band's manager from Waterfront Management.

Fervent's reaction? "Blown Away." So was I to say the least. The music was original and captivating. Just about everyone's head was moving to the music and their play of Switchfoot's "Meant to Live", was dead on.

The record deal is just the latest miracle in EXIT's mission. They have toured all over the southeast performing for diverse crowds, big and small, spreading the word through their unique contemporary Christian sound.
They will journey to Nashville in May to cut their first single which will appear on the compilation album "Absolute Smash Hits" which is expected to be released in the fall 2004, said Ms. Marshall. EXIT will re-enter the studio later this year to cut their first CD which could be released as early as Christmas 2004. - Philip Wehunt, Paulding.com


In 2002, EXIT released a 4 song, self titled, demo CD. In May 2003, they released their first full length CD, “The Way You Are.” It wasn't long after this album was released that the band was back in the studio writing and recording new music.

In April 2004, EXIT EAST recorded a single for the compilation CD, Absolute Smash Hits, which will be released in July 2004 by Provident Records.

In May 2004, the band began recording for their debut album, which will be released by Fervent Records.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1999, longtime friends Jason Foust and Jon Stanley formed the band, EXIT, along with Mitch Brooks and Jason’s brother Chris Foust. They spent the first two months learning and playing cover songs, then decided to venture into new territory with writing their own material. Over the next few years, EXIT spent countless rehearsal hours developing their skills as musicians and writers. Today they form a musical collage, combining their individual dreams, inspirations, and special abilities, resulting in a very unique and captivating sound all their own.

Jason first discovered his writing ability when he was just 14 years old. “My first song was about a girl... In fact a majority of my songs before EXIT were about girls.” Jason adds, “The girls I wanted... the girls I dreamed about... the girls that pissed me off.” Since that time, Jason has come a long way, ….. (lyrically speaking). “I’ve learned that writing about relationships always makes for great songs, but I’ve also learned that there’s more to life than just girl/guy relationships. There’s a lot of things in this life to fill the pages of a songwriters notebook and I have set myself to write about them all”, Jason explains.

Jon found his passion for music after a very painful high school injury that left him with a lot of time on his hands. It was during this time that he picked up a guitar and learned to play, and it wasn’t until after EXIT was formed that he knew he had a natural ability to write such heart felt songs. “Music has always been a part of my life but after my accident this new world seemed to emerge”, explains EXIT guitarist, Jon Stanley.

Each of the band members were born and raised just west of Atlanta, Georgia and when they are not on the road traveling, they spend the majority of their time there with their family and friends. Over the last few years, EXIT has toured all over the Southeastern United States, playing for college students, fairs, festivals, and local clubs.

In May 2003, EXIT released their first full length CD, “The Way You Are.” The album represents a remarkably realized expression of the band's musical potency and power. And nearly one year later, in April 2004, Fervent Records discovered that musical power as well, and offered them a major recording contract, which EXIT, now EXIT EAST, happily signed.

When asked why someone should listen to, or purchase their music over the thousands of choices in the market today, Jon quickly replied, “We have a reality about us… We stink by ourselves, but when we get together, there is something unique about us. We write who we are… We can not pretend.” Each member agrees, and hopes that their audience will walk away from their shows feeling like they got their monies worth while hearing a great live band that has something different to say.

Jason addressed this question in a recent interview by stating, “EXIT EAST consists of a lot of different genres of music. We all have very different musical backgrounds…these differences mesh together to form who the band is…if you listen close you can hear everyone from The Beatles to Tom Petty to Matchbox Twenty.” Basically stated, EXIT EAST’s music is straightforward, progressive rock, while still maintaining harmony, intelligibility and warmth. Their music is modern and captivating.