Exit to Maine

Exit to Maine


EXIT TO MAINE Classic songwriting meets modern technology. Three band members deliver a total analog pop experience with the help of cutting-edge guitars, synths, drums and effects units (all played live). The sound is upbeat, bright and classic.


Jason Moved to Seattle from Rockford, IL near the end of 2005 with over seventy songs. Ray, a classically trained pianist working for Pacific Northwest Ballet and Tony, a self-titled 'feel drummer' who had worked since he was fifteen in hip-hop/rock and world music, came together with Jason late last year (2006) and rapidly found the sound all three had been looking for: vocal harmonies, loud leads, psychedelic mic effects, synth bass, and complex poly-rhythms. They bring together a wide variety of influences--from the classic melodic songwriting of the Beatles, the cutting edge live technology of Royksopp and Goldfrapp, the expermental jams of Dun Gen, and the power of the Smashing Pumpkins.


2007 'Many Somewheres EP'

Set List

1. Valedictorian
2. Deep sun
3. Dominant Plastic
4. A-Rock
5. The New Commandments
6. Magician's on a Mission
7. Behold! Regina
8. Death Island
9. Dance Cops
10. Classic Melodies

Our sets are from 30 minutes to an hour, constantly changing as we add new songs/rotate in old ones.