Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

invent/destroy/re-invent - back to the basics. THIS is why we all fell in love with music in the first place....


with an ensemble consisting of pittsburgh's finest independent artists, Ex-Kids is exactly what the name eludes to: a return to childhood dreams. consisting of simple structures and catchy melodies, these former punk/indie/avant artists have grasped for the pop genre and ended up with their hands full of goodies. drummer brian mccleod has toured with mason jennings as well as Atmosphere, bassist justin pelissero cut his teeth with indie stars Davenport and Drugdealer, while guitarists david bernabo and daniel newman have shared time in Assembly, Drugdealer as well as numerous experimental/avant improv troupes...



Written By: drugdealer

Feed us lassos.
Let us lay
As the grass grows
On John Wayne’s grave.
Race for a white world
on a white horse
in the white
Paint him a black rose,
And the winter passed
Tho the sand looked like snow…
What fades as class wars
Rip the assholes
Of a red knave?

Home of the brave.

So, we lost a few…
And these Bildebergs are
Built upon.

Two hearts…
Still walking alone.

“I won’t be wronged…
I won’t be let a hand on…”
Give up, pilgrim.

night crimes

Written By: drugdealer

Each slave
has found it’s ghost.

Caught fever
Like you want it.
An eye sore &
weekend gloryhole.
Caught fever
Like you need it,
And trade yr night crimes
For danger.


One tear was not found.

You wear it
like a rape trial.


forthcoming 12" winter 2011

Set List

usually do about 8 songs clocking in around 25 minutes:
-spoons & mirrors
-don't hype the belief
-night crimes