Ex-Lion Tamer

Ex-Lion Tamer


Ex-Lion Tamer is all about songs out to no sense horizons. Stranger than a rubber door stop, they play what only could be described as your mental stability. At this moment Ex-Lion Tamer are about to go on their second US tour and are really into lava angels...


Ex Lion Tamer, a feedback-loving trio, make eclectic, distorted avant-noise.
Ex lion tamer consists of Zoe Polanski, Assaf Tager and Haggai Fershtman.
They met in Tel Aviv a few years back. Assaf (from England) and haggai were Busy bees; Playing in numerous bands, introducing noise music to unexposed ears in tel aviv, such as Zoe's.
she decided to start a band, and soon after the 3 found each other.

The trio journeyed from one delusional environment to a fragmented other,
and got the opportunity to co-operate with their favorite musician, Wharton Tiers (Theoretical Girls, Producer for sonic youth, Dinosaur jr and Pussy Galore).
Tiers produced their debut album 'Go Ghost' and inspired them to explore the expressive, non – linear approach to creativity and music.

In the past year, they have toured USA, performed in Tel Aviv, and implemented all experiences and impressions in writing.
Ex lion tamer are about to go on a US tour and record their second release with producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans and Herbie Hanckock).
Following are tours in Spain and Japan.


Ex-Lion Tamer/ Go Ghost. 2006 (Tinstar Creative Pool).

Set List

Our set list is about 30-45 minutes. It's harsh and loud. sometimes it's melodic, sometimes it's noisy.