BandHip Hop

The New Version of the golden age of hip hop. I would say I am a mixture of Raekwon, Nas, and Az. Every word I spit is dedicated to the purest form of hip hop and always thorough. Bet on me to make it cause I am the past, present, and future all in one.......


I am originally from North Carolina but moved around allot with my mother. We have lived on both coast and finally settled back here in NC. I have also lived In NY in the BX and was influenced by hip hop culture. My favorite group would have to be Tribe Called Quest and my favorite Rapper would have to be Nas. I would say my style is probably like Nas, Raekwon, and maybe AZ all mixed in one and I love hip hop so that is why I do this. I think my word play and unique ability to ride a beat effortlessly is what sets me apart from other rapers so check me out.......


Streetanomics 2008, The Unseen Element 2008, and The EX Files 2009 coming soon The Executioner, and Extra Ordinary late 2009