ExNN is a gentle specific music, it’s light and mildness with tough guitar reefs.


BEST BAND ExNN from the Republic of Moldova were voted Best Band 2006 beating other very close contenders for the title from the USA. The band will feature on the the Music Aid Awards CD and receive a presentation Gold Disc from The Music Aid Organization.
Awarded to ExNN

ExNN has been selected as a "Finalist" in the December 2006 round of the Song of the Year song and lyric competition. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top five entries achieve "Finalist" status.

ExNN - Semifinalist of Songwriting Competition - "ShaMan" song.
ExNN – Ex Nihilo Nihil (fit), and ancient Latin proverb, meaning that nothing comes out of nothing.

Three guys and a girl met occasionally, started experimental work playing in a band and remained together for a long time. Who told that there’s nothing more constant than temporary??? Gala (vocals), Balint (guitar), Botzman (bass), and John(drums) seemed to be so very different from each other – a linguist, two engineers and a bachelor)) together is a rather strange company.

One should die laughing when he knows the story of Balint music school. Can you imagine a sixteen-year old fellow sitting at the desktop with kids studying solfeggio? He did it! However, let's get back to the bio...

It was much fun to watch as the band played with female vocals trying desperately to find male one. Gala was sure that not a man could replace her in ExNN. So it was, however the first record brought some misunderstandings and realization that something was lacking. Gala knew from her very childhood her life would be music. Once being a ten years old child she came to her aunt with a cassette tape-recorder and sang Michael Jackson's songs. She desperately wished her aunt to become her producer. It's natural that a ten-year old child wouldn’t be able to understand it was impossible. The whole family had laughed and forgotten the incident. However a decade later Gala's family got really annoyed - the girl was kin on music and it was likely she would give up a linguist career to play music.

Started as a hobby, music led the guys to serious aiming. In the meantime ExNN began going to neighbouring towns for gigs; eventually the band became popular in Moldova. By the year 2005 ExNN started working on the first album. There was enough stuff, but the guys lacked experience and money. It was the high time for them to meet the producers, who where ready to compensate lack of money and experience. ExNN was ready to create and work, some songs were born in Russian and some of them in English. Bilingual nature of lyrics for good reason made the guys to think over the English version of the album; soon they started. Internet nowadays gives a splendid opportunity to promote bands’ stuff, so ExNN used this moment and got several feedbacks on the action. First of all the song “Inside” entered the top 10 on www.broadjam.com site, so as some other songs like “Money” , “Shaman”, and some others; secondly, by the end of 2006 ExNN got stunning news about becoming the Best Band of the Year at www.musicaid.org In the years of 2005-2006 ExNN had also participated in the biggest music events of Moldova (Stary Melnik Festival 2004,2005,2006) and Russia (Emmaus 2006); the band also visits the neighbouring Ukraine with the concerts and had a presentation tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Right now the band is working hard on new stuff for the second album.




Written By: Gala, Kubik

Remove the fetters of your mind
And let the game flow in
There’s absolutely different world
So let your time begin

You better listen to your inside
Inside is never what it seems
I know a place in your mind
Where usual becomes unreal

Winds are crying
Storms are smashing
Sails in ashes…
Where you’ve lost the keys
And made your life that
Senseless game

And there is a special way
To a special point in fairy land
It’s near, it’s yours, it’s inside you
A place where magic becomes true

Be Tender

Written By: Gala, Kubik

Voices fading captured by the rain
Who are you for me
And who I am… That doesn’t matter…

Please, even don’t try to avoid my fire
Release yourself and fly - just be desire
I know it’s hard to wait to love to be
But just believe and follow me…

Be tender with me, my weakness - that‘s you
I see how we fly in the skies
You feel about me I feel about you
No words- let the lies be aside…

Dreams so shiny I want to be in
And no time to argue and dispute
What's good what's bad

Don’t bother, listen and accept me as I am
Don’t even think, just listen sounds, not stupid words
Nobody’s here only me and you
This light will tell you - What is true….

Be tender with me, my weakness - that‘s you
I see how we fly in the skies
You feel about me I feel about you
No words …


Written By: Gala

Could you just set me free? –
My mind is gone,
Confusing times and things
I still go on…
The tricks of aching sense
Plays up my mind
Forget about the death
Be just a sound

Would you help me? – 2t

Music is a rhythm
Music is a magic
Music is a pleasure –
Cancellation to your sadness

I have no heart inside –
Music instead,
I breathe sounds and songs
Is it so bad??
Don’t call me please in sane
I’m not at all
I’m not turning the lane
I’m on my own…


Written By: Gala, Kubik

Chukcha waits sunrise and summer
Thought was told by an old Shaman-
“You’re so good in circles running
But your summer has gone
Just never coming”

Hey Shaman
Hey Shaman
The magic old drummer
Hey Shaman
Hey Shaman
Who’ve stolen my summer

I’m that Chukcha waiting summer
“Who’s that thief” – I asked the Shaman
He looked than so sad, but told me smiling-
“You really the best in circles running…”

Hey Shaman
Hey Shaman
The magic old drummer
Hey Shaman
Hey Shaman
Return please my summer


Written By: Cubasoff


I know, some day
You’ll come we’ll sing together, anyway.
Days gone in line
The dreams we built together
Now are only mine.

You know, it’s cruel
To loose you now forever
But that’s a rule.
But I know some day
We’ll come and sing together anyway.

I Pray,
I Pray,

Too much left for tomorrow.
We are so late with love,
Now we are quick with sorrow.
Too much –“May be…”
We live our days on Earth
As if we live eternity.

Now all is in vain.
You’re in my heart forever,
And You are so faraway.
But I know, for sure I know, some day-
You’ll come We’ll sing together anyway.

I Pray,
I Pray,

I Pray, return with the sun!
I Pray, come wind and come rain!
I Pray, shine star in the sky!
I Pray - be free !...

I know, some day,
You’ll come We’ll sing together …


" INSIDE " (C)&(P) ExNN 2006

Set List

Inside ……………3.52
In your eyes………3.07
Let me go……………3.38
Wax in water…………....3.50
Dreams of Miguelle Di`Assa………………3.16
Dreams about the way was not…………3.53
Motion and Deth……………4.14
Be Tender…………3.35

Total time…………..42 min 20 sec